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WotLK Classic: What Will Happen To Shadowlands Systems In The Dragonflight Pre-Patch?

Posted: Oct 27, 2022

Just recently, the long-awaited WoW Dragonflight pre-patch was finally officially released. Presumably many players can't wait to experience the new content of MMORPG. But in fact, the update of the new content does not mean that all the content in the previous Shadowlands expansion will be deleted directly.

Typically, if developer Blizzard Entertainment wants to release a new expansion, they will improve the main mechanics of the previous expansion. And old players should know that there are actually a lot of good mechanics in the last Shadowlands expansion. So, based on the past, not all mechanisms will be put on hold.

In the new expansion, the talent trees will be introduced again. In order to allow old talents to be subtly integrated into the new talent trees of each class and specialization, Blizzard specially re-adjusted some talents of Shadowlands.

But you need to be aware that while some of the talents you get in Covenants and Legendary gear in Shadowlands will overlap with new talents, the ability of the talent tree is much higher than the Shadowlands one. It's best not to do that in order not to waste resources.

Shadowlands expansion

Tier set bonuses are no longer available in Shadowlands, and even the more popular Soulbinds, Covenants, and Conduits features are only accessible in the Shadowlands expansion.

But players don't have to be sad. In order to keep these more popular features from being excluded from the classes in the new expansion, Blizzard has introduced the new Evoker class Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits.

Like Covenants and Soulbinds, although legendary items will still work, but only in the Shadowlands expansion. This also means that virtually everything in Shadowlands is fully preserved. Although Blizzard has been actively launching new expansions, it does not want to directly abandon the excellent mechanics of previous expansions.

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