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WotLK Classic: Players Slam Blizzard For Removing Dragonflight Silver Dragons

Posted: Oct 28, 2022

Not long ago, while Dragonflight was still in beta, Blizzard's developers not only updated the UI massively, but also removed the silver dragons from the rare portrait in an effort to refresh World of Warcraft's untouched old-fashioned look.

Specifically, Blizzard has updated the visuals of the silver rare and elite gold dragons in the Dragonflight expansion. This also means that if the expansion is released on live servers, the silver dragons before will no longer be available.

Unsurprisingly, some attentive players were furious when they discovered that their beloved rare character portraits had been removed. And they also launched a fierce attack on developer Blizzard on major platforms.

Judging from the current situation, their protests are clearly effective. One Reddit user said that while experimenting with the latest Dragonflight beta, he discovered that the silver dragons were not only back in their original positions but were also rare portraits.

Dragonflight silver dragon

The user's comment area is filled with the joy of WoW players about the change. One player commented: "Very nice. Glad they listened to the feedback on this one."

Another WoW fan also happily said, "Credit where credit is due, they seemed to be actively listening to feedback a lot over the past year than they have for a long time before that."

It's not hard to see from this incident that they have no objection to developers introducing new content into Dragonflight. But for players who are accustomed to the way the game looks and feels with the game's various action bars and character portraits, removing the silver dragons directly from the rare character portraits is clearly overwhelming.

Fortunately, Blizzard did not ignore player feedback and made changes in a timely manner. This turmoil also ended with a perfect ending.

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