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WotLK Classic: UI Update In Dragonflight Expansion

Posted: Oct 29, 2022

Posted: Oct 29, 2022

Source:  IGGM

To change World of Warcraft's untouched old-fashioned look, the game's developer Blizzard Entertainment has overhauled the UI in the recently released Dragonflight expansion. However, players who are used to the original game style are not very willing to accept these new changes.

This UI update covers a lot of things. First of all, players can immediately notice that many of the character portraits have been refreshed. And obviously you can see an extra grid on the screen. This grid can be used to capture various action bars.

In addition, the micro-bar in the lower right corner of the screen has also been significantly redesigned. Not only was the previous micro-bar larger, but each icon in the bar was equipped with a unique, darker color palette. You can customize the colors of these icons in your favor. And now the icons in the bar are not only shrunk, but all grayed out.

In addition to this, players who could have easily accessed the functionality represented by the icons are now having trouble with icons that are small and illegible.

micro bar

After players discovered the icon, they all complained about the "blandness" and "indistinguishability" of these icons.

One user said, "I like most of the new UI except for these lifeless buttons that I can't tell apart without mousing over." Another added, "I hate this strange, forced minimalism so much. It has certainly a place where I appreciate the sleekness, elegance, and crispness but not in my fantasy game that is meant to distract me.”

In WoW's subreddit, although the comment area below a post is also full of scolding, some players have proposed ways to alleviate the problem.

Most of the users in the comments focus on roasting the new tiny icons instead. However, there is also a WoW aficionado who takes a different view. He said that if you want to give each icon a different color or want to make them stand out, you can try a Weak Auras addon.

While WoW fans appreciate the effort to change the UI, some of those efforts have not lived up to their expectations.

I don't know if you also found this problem in the new expansion. If yes, you can try some of the methods mentioned above. As soon as we find a better solution or find other issues with the game, we will post relevant news on our web, in a timely manner. Of course, if you happen to have other needs, such as wanting to buy cheap WOTLK Classic Gold, IGGM is also your best choice. Come on!


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