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News Tag: WOTLK Classic Gold for sale

  • WotLK Classic: Three Dragonflight Twitch Drops We Can Expect

    Posted: Nov 07, 2022

    It's still a while before World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Dragonflight, will be officially launched on all servers. To help players better understand Dragon Isles, Blizzard recently uploaded a series of short animated videos on Twitch about the expanding lore of the expansion.

    At the same time, in order to increase the motivation of players to watch these videos, Blizzard plans to launch three separate Twitch drops from November 15th to December 29th. You can get three different in-game items such as pets, mounts, and toys as long as you can watch them for as long as you can. So, what exactly should we do?

    Since the first Twitch drop won't officially meet players until the second phase of the Dragonflight pre-patch goes live, for now you'll just have to wait. You can start watching WoW content until November 15th and the event will continue until November 18th. As long as you watch it for 4 hours, you can get a Dragon Kite pet. As a reminder, the second phase of the Dragonflight pre-patch will officially go live on November 18th, and will include the release of the expansion's new hero class and race combination, the Dracthyr Evoker.

    The second Twitch drop is the Feldrake mount and the mount is acquired in the same way as mentioned above, requiring four hours of WoW content to get it. However, you'll have to wait until November 28th, when the Dragonflight expansion officially launches, before you can start using the mount. And because the mount is limited, you can only experience it until December 1st at most.

    The third Twitch drop is a toy called the Perpetual Purple Firework. The toy won't be available until a few weeks after the release of the Dragonflight expansion, specifically after the release of Vault of the Incarnates, which is the first raid of this new expansion. It is also very easy to obtain this toy. You just need to keep watching the WoW Race to World First for two hours to unlock it successfully. Again, this Twitch drop is only available for a limited time, from December 13th to December 29th.

    The three drop sessions mentioned above all start at 12:00 PM CT on their respective start dates and end at 1:59 PM CT on their respective end dates.

    In addition to have Twitch drops from watching creators, WoW will be running a support-a-creator campaign from November 28th to December 13th. What's more, in the first two weeks of the Dragonflight expansion's official release, you can earn an Ichabod harvest golem pet for gifting two subscriptions on eligible Twitch streamers' channels.

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  • WotLK Classic Dragonflight Mythic+ Dungeons Will Get Harder

    Posted: Nov 04, 2022

    The latest expansion of World of Warcraft is about to be officially released. In order to encourage players to maintain the spirit of challenge, Blizzard is upgrading the WoW Dragonflight Mythic system. They plan to make Mythic+ dungeons, which are already the hardest, much more harder.

    For a long time, Mythic+ dungeons is the most difficult existence in all versions, and basically many players cannot easily complete it. If you think I'm exaggerating, you can watch a replay of the Sepulcher of the First Ones Race to World First held in March this year. Take a look at the fierce competition among the top players. Obviously, with the continuous update of the version, the number of keystones becomes more and more, and the difficulty of them is also gradually increased.

    Since WoW Dragonflight is the next chapter in the MMO's ongoing Saga of Strife, it will be a tougher challenge for players who want to experience WoW Dragonflight in depth.

    Blizzard's community manager, Kaivax, wrote a blog post to give players a clearer picture of the purpose of the next update. In the article, he details how Mythic+ will change in difficulty and level and also reveals to players that keys above level 10 will bring additional surprises to players.

    He said that the development members not only added keystone 10 to the Dragonflight expansion, but also further increased the difficulty of Mythic+ dungeons. But for players who like a challenge, this is not bad news. Because higher difficulty means they get higher quality rewards.

    He emphasized that after testing and feedback, Blizzard has decided to provide additional Mythic+ ratings for keys above level 10. He believes that this adjustment will definitely bring huge surprises to players who just like to make Keystone Master their seasonal goal.

    Regarding the rating issue, he also made a specific explanation. He stated that each M+ key at keystone level is worth two extra Rating points from level 11 onwards. He also gave an example to illustrate this point. First, he mentioned that if players can complete a Fortified dungeon or Tyrannical dungeon in Shadowlands Season 4, they will get a 250 Rating. Second, he mentioned that if players can complete a Mythic+ dungeon in Dragonflight season 1, they can get a 270 Rating.

    Overall, players are positive about this adjustment made by Blizzard. I also think the increased difficulty of Mythic+ dungeons is a good thing. First, top players can pursue more difficult challenges. Second, we can get higher quality rewards. What's more, after completing Mythic+ dungeons, we can also get additional ratings and unlock more achievements.

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  • WotLK Classic: What Will Happen To Shadowlands Systems In The Dragonflight Pre-Patch?

    Posted: Oct 27, 2022

    Just recently, the long-awaited WoW Dragonflight pre-patch was finally officially released. Presumably many players can't wait to experience the new content of MMORPG. But in fact, the update of the new content does not mean that all the content in the previous Shadowlands expansion will be deleted directly.

    Typically, if developer Blizzard Entertainment wants to release a new expansion, they will improve the main mechanics of the previous expansion. And old players should know that there are actually a lot of good mechanics in the last Shadowlands expansion. So, based on the past, not all mechanisms will be put on hold.

    In the new expansion, the talent trees will be introduced again. In order to allow old talents to be subtly integrated into the new talent trees of each class and specialization, Blizzard specially re-adjusted some talents of Shadowlands.

    But you need to be aware that while some of the talents you get in Covenants and Legendary gear in Shadowlands will overlap with new talents, the ability of the talent tree is much higher than the Shadowlands one. It's best not to do that in order not to waste resources.

    Tier set bonuses are no longer available in Shadowlands, and even the more popular Soulbinds, Covenants, and Conduits features are only accessible in the Shadowlands expansion.

    But players don't have to be sad. In order to keep these more popular features from being excluded from the classes in the new expansion, Blizzard has introduced the new Evoker class Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits.

    Like Covenants and Soulbinds, although legendary items will still work, but only in the Shadowlands expansion. This also means that virtually everything in Shadowlands is fully preserved. Although Blizzard has been actively launching new expansions, it does not want to directly abandon the excellent mechanics of previous expansions.

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  • How To Enter Heroic Dungeons In WotLK Classic?

    Posted: Oct 12, 2022

    The newly released expansion, Wrath of the Lich King Classic, brings a lot of new elements to players, one of which is a bit like the previous Burning Crusade. Specifically,the developers have added a lot of new dungeons in the new version of the game, and each dungeon has two difficulties, which are Normal and Heroic.

    As before, players can easily deal with dungeons on Normal difficulty. Since the difficulty level of the mobs, trash, and the entire dungeon is not very high, players can enter most dungeons in this difficulty without the full level. However, getting Heroic Dungeons through the new version is not so easy. Since it is the highest level exclusive game, the overall difficulty will be higher than before. Among them, the life pools of the bosses are not only larger, but also the damage is higher than before. And even some newly designed skills make players overwhelmed. All these changes in content make it more difficult to enter Heroic Dungeons.

    Therefore, Blizzard stipulates that if you want to enter Heroic Dungeons, players need to increase their level to make the runs go smoothly.

    First of all, no matter what method you use, you first have to make sure that you can reach the max level, which is level 80. Once you reach level 80, you can unlock all Heroic difficulties in all dungeons, including Heroic.

    After that, all you have to do is polish your gear. Because equipment is one of the factors that determines whether you can complete a dungeon efficiently. And the improvement of equipment can not only help you meet the item level but also help you quickly reach the Gearscore requirements.

    The item level is used to judge whether you have the specified dungeon and whether you meet the equipment quantity requirements of the team. It will show you the average of all equipped items, and give you a number telling you if you have achieved that average. The function of Gearscore is similar to item level, but it is not a function that comes with the game, but a system made by the player himself. Its role is to count the number values of all gear.

    In total, you need an item level of around 180 and a Gearscore of around 3,500 to qualify for entering Heroic Dungeons in WoW Classic WotLK.

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