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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: New Discovery In The Loot System! - Tribute Chest System And More

Posted: May 31, 2023

Do you want to learn all about Trial of the Crusader’s loot system? From Argent Crusade Tribute Chest to Crusader Orb, I have the most complete information for you, including all brand recent changes.

New Function

Plus, we’ll discuss why you need a plan now. That way, you don’t waste hours growing the wrong gear. So on June 22nd, we’re launching a brand new Raid. There are four different modes here.

Among them, the normal mode 10-man will drop 232-level equipment, while the 25-man will drop 245-level equipment. In Heroic mode, 10-man will drop 245-level equipment, while 25-man will drop 258-level new equipment.

You can actually switch between Heroic mode and Normal mode, which is great for progress. For example, your Perky Pug Tan Man Group makes fighting things like Beasts of Northrend and Heroic modes easier. Then they can also switch to Twin Valkyr and a new, harder Brack.

WOTLK Classic: Big Changes

Heroic Mode

It’s also important to note that Heroic mode will be available on day one. This is a recent change, which means you don’t have to do the normal 25 moves to unlock the best loot. And the key to getting non-ranked loot is that your entire guild should submit their best lists ahead of time.

WOTLK Classic: Heroic Mode guide

New Emblem Of Triumph

You’ll also get Emblem of Triumph from every boss in the 25-man. I got 25 Emblems, and you can get 20 from the 10-man mode Emblem of Triumph. It can be used to obtain level 9 gear at item level 232.

Each spec actually has three separate tier line sets, with 232, 245, and 258 item levels. These all share the same set bonus, even the 232 bonus at some of the lower tiers is worth it. Depending on WOTLK Classic Gold value of these gears.

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If you really don’t want to waste Emblems, an effective way for you to decide which level 232 gear to get is to plan ahead with your guild to get the gear you want.

I estimate that roughly four sets of level 9 gear will cost 160 to 180 Emblems. Depending on which parts you want to acquire, you can earn 104 Emblems per week. So you can get a complete 4-pack in two weeks.

WOTLK Classic: Emblem Of Triumph

But before you grab anything, you really need to understand the benefits of these items. If you know you’ll get a level 245 chest the first week, you don’t want to end up with worthless duplication of level 232 items. Because level 232 is hardly an upgrade for most players.

So how to do higher project level settings? There is also level 9.25 gear, which is item level 245, and it costs 1.5 times as much as level 232 gear. That means it will cost anywhere from 240 to 270 Emblems, depending on the parts you need for the four-pack.

Tribute Chest System Explained

Now Blizzard gave us an extra Trophy for boss. We can get level 9.5 gear at item level 258. This can only be obtained from Tribute Chest at the end of Hardmode 25 raids.

Tribute Chest is a new loot system that rewards you based on the number of attempts you have remaining out of the 50 attempts at the end of the range. If you can complete the raid with one or more attempts remaining. You’ll get two Regalias or Trophy of the Crusade in 25-man.

WOTLK Classic: Loot System Explained

What Are Regalias?

As we mentioned before, we also need to go back to Regalias. Regalias are rank tokens that are locked to a specific set of classes, but they are not locked. If I’m lucky enough to get four pieces of Regalias in my first week of Druid, I can cash them in immediately for my four-pack. This means that in addition to all the loot, planning your distribution of Trophy and Regalias is also very important.

Crusader Orbs

We’ve already discussed Crusader Orbs, which usually drop from 10-man Heroic as well as 25-man raids. These Orbs can be used to craft 245 item-level gear, just like Runed Orbs. These crafted gear are currently in the top three for your specs.

You should prioritize slots for Crusade weapons. Let’s take a Mage as an example. You can use your guild bank to get Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers, get them down to minimum gear on day one, and discuss plans and minimum gear with your guild.

WOTLK Classic: Gear Up With Crusader Orbs

I’m really starting to see the value in Trial of the Crusader. If you’re part of a relatively serious guild, raids are only 40 minutes long. I highly recommend starting a second or third raid group. Even just for this patch, it will really increase your gear acquisition.

Overall, you still have time to hit level 80, and don’t forget to take advantage of Phase 3’s unique mechanics. Hopefully, these explanations of the loot system will give you a better understanding of how WOTLK Classic Phase 3 works. Good luck.


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