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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get Reins Of The Onyxian Drake?

Posted: Jun 05, 2023

Recently, Phase 3 had a brand new raid, and basically no one was talking about it. So stay tuned as we head out to Dream Dust in the Swamp to slay dragons and get Reins of the Onyxian Drake.

Onyxia’s Backstory

There was a big celebration on the game’s fifth anniversary, and part of the celebration was a new Nixie array for level 80 characters. 

Blizzard offers both 10-player and 25-player modes, and of course there’s a lot of nostalgia-inducing item drops. They even added a 2% item drop in Reins of the Onyxian Drake. We’ll be able to go back to Great Wall of Mars and fight Nixie.

WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get Reins Of The Onyxian Drake?

How To Get To Onyxia?

The fastest way to get to Onyxia is to fly over to Mudsprocket, or you can just fly down on Orgrimmar. You’ll notice brand new NPCs due to Horde privilege outside the entrance the next day. This NPC gives you a buff that allows you to reach level 60.

Is Onyxia Difficult?

The raid comes 49 days after Trial of the Crusader. This is why you will see a lot of loot that is the same or better than TOC loot. Although in 2023, in my testing, this raid is closer in difficulty to Vault of Archavon than Trial of the Crusader on PTR. 

But we could randomly place Aldor and new guild players together for this raid, which makes Onyxia perfect for class check runs. I can honestly see less than 20 players farming Onyxia to maximize loot and mounts.

WOTLK Classic: Onyxia's Location

Onyxia Raid Comp

We have to cover Raid Comp. It is important that the 10-player and 25-player have at least two tanks and two healers. If you also want to mix physical and area DPS, it’s better to jump into the fight with a longer range than melee.

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Onyxia Phase 2

Once Onyxia reaches 65% health, she takes to the air to begin Phase 2. A key thing to watch out for in Phase 2 is avoiding damage from Flame Breath. Basically, every shot Flame Breath path is based on the direction Nixie is facing. 

You should move together as a group, but remain slightly dispersed. That’s because Nixie also casts a fireball with a radius of 10 yards around the affected target every two seconds.

WOTLK Classic: How to defeat Onyxia?

Onyxia Phase 3

Once you get to Nixie at 40, Phase 3 will start and Onyxia will land. The main tank should immediately catch Nixie and the locator near the back wall, just like Phase 1 Nixia would cast Roar, which is a three-second field. I would definitely recommend Fear Ward against the tank to avoid facing the red Nixie after the first Roar. This is the perfect time to cast Bloodlust and unleash a big cooldown.

Reins Of The Onyxian Drake

The piece of loot everyone wants is Reins of the Onyxian Drake, but it only has a 2% drop chance. You’ll see it throughout WOTLK Classic. At the same time, it can increase your speed by 310%. If you miss your Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake, this is your best replacement mount.

WOTLK Classic: Get The Onyxian Drake Mount Guide

Onyxia Loot

Let’s check out the rest of the gear. There is a 232 item level and 245 item level cloak available to the caster. This raid has a lot of options and weapons. You’ll also get a bag of chests containing one to three Epic Gems and some drops of WOTLK Classic Gold. You get some very useful 245 item level jewels, which can go a long way toward leveling up and restoring your Druid.

All in all, if you are also interested, you might as well try this raid activity, which may bring you excellent results.


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