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Wotlk Classic Phase 3: How To Fix All Gear Issues With Sidereal Essence?

Posted: May 12, 2023

In Wotlk Classic Phase 3, are you struggling to get a crucial part of the all door Hard mode loot? There’s a brand new currency here to fix all your gear woes, Sidereal Essence. It gives you our 10-man Hard mode gear for free.

Titan Rune Beta

So let’s go over how to get this currency ASAP, and exactly what you can get with it. In order to fully adapt to a new Titan Rune Mode called Titan Rune Beta when entering Phase 3.

I see this as a new Heroic Plus Mode that you’ll be able to access from your device near each dungeon entrance, just like Titan Rune Alpha. This is a new Heroic Plus Dungeon that includes new rewards for each dungeon as well as new dungeon modifiers.

The fundamental difference between it and the new Apex is that the character’s health is no longer 100%, but has been increased to 140%. Also, increased player damage to enemies from 30% to 40%.

Wotlk Classic Phase 3: Heroic Plus Dungeon

Stuff That Changed

Runes also has a lot of small tweaks. For example, the now random Fire Blast is also required to stay above the typical Glaciate mechanics. Champion’s new dungeons and Phase 3 trials also get new modifiers.

In my testing, the new Gladiator Rune generates damage and healing buffs around the arena during combat. I guess this is to compensate for the more difficult combat adjustments you’ve put in after clearing all the hard work of the new Heroic Plus Dungeons. You’ll get our 10-man normal gear from the boss, but that’s not all.

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What Will You Get?

You also get a currency called Sidereal Essence. This currency is actually available as a Heroic 10-man loot. Your coveted Dark Matter is now available from a vendor in the same room, which you can get from the sign bar.

Wotlk Classic Phase 3: New Currency Sidereal Essence

You’ll notice a giant glowing star NPC. Animated Constellation NPC has all Hardmode lootable items except the recovery code Alpha. There’s even a Mjolnir Runestone included, which would fit my Fury Warrior perfectly. There’s also Petrified Ivy Sprig, which arguably remains Priests’ best gear. You can also get an Icecore Staff for 30 Sidereal Essence, which is a magnificent weapon for your new Mage.

How To Farm Sidereal Essence?

We want to get as much Sidereal Essence as possible per day with the current system and my testing. We used to get Primordial Essence for each dungeon. It wasn’t random. It always comes from the last boss. Blizzard doesn’t seem to be tweaking Living Essence’s drop mechanics, since vendor items are so cheap. I said things to still be up in the air, and we might see some changes.

We already know the best way to get Sidereal Essence. If you are a new character. I recommend getting as many Epic Gems as possible from Auction House or using Wotlk Classic Gold. People will definitely prefer Gatekeeper Rock, so I suggest you create your own group too, or you can rely on Guilds and Friends as much as possible.

I’m personally good at Healing and Heroic Plus Dungeons. So I always give priority to recruiting a Tank who is willing to stay in a few dungeons. Then if they don’t want to stay, we can always replace the DPS as needed.

Wotlk Classic Phase 3: How To Farm Sidereal Essence?

So my efficient world tour route will prioritize easy dungeons. Such as Violet Hold has a new Gatekeeper. I expect each dungeon to take about 30 minutes plus travel time. I always make sure to do the daily Heroic and the normal free Emblems quest along with the gold.

Although it should be noted that I do plan on skipping Oculus most days. There are currently 13 Heroic Plus Dungeons in the game. We expect to earn 13 Sidereal Essence per day. This means you can get a major Mjolnir Runestone in just two days of running the dungeon.

Here is the whole content of my farm and use Sidereal Essence. I hope this guide can help you get Sidereal Essence faster. Good luck.


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