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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: New Affixes Explained And Rewards Info In Titan Rune Beta Mode

Posted: May 15, 2023

Are you looking for free Ulduar loot in Heroic dungeons you just ran? With Titan Rune Beta dungeons coming to Phase 3, be aware that these dungeons have new Affixes to make them more challenging than previous Heroic mode.

So let’s cover all the new content and all the rewards you can earn. Blizzard decided to add a huge extra mechanic to Phase 3. If you enter any Heroic dungeons to activate the occult device, enemies in the dungeon will get a new modifier.

This allows you to clear Heroic mode rewards with Beta mode active and use them all for our 10 normal gear as well as hard mode gear from new suppliers. It’s called Titan Rune Beta Mode. You’ll get an Emblem of Conquest from each boss, and five Emblems of Triumph from daily quests. We’ll break down exactly what gear you can get, as well as the new currency, here.

WOTLK Classic Phase 3: New Affixes in Titan Rune Beta Mode Explained

How To Start?

But first let’s talk about the new modifiers. After your group has started traveling to the dungeon of your choice, you need to activate Heroic mode and click on the mystery device inside the dungeon. This will open a new menu where you can select Titan Rune and it will bring up a Chalice like thing.

New Affixes Explained

Each type of dungeon will have completely additional effects, and most Affixes are usually built from Phase 2 onwards in Titan Rune mode Alpha.

Arcane Rune Dungeons

Arcane Rune dungeons have a Mirror Image mechanic just like before, and Mirror Image spawns and casts Arcane Missiles every time. Gain a stack of 5% haste buff for each Mirror Image you kill, up to a maximum of 30%.

This makes this dungeon easier than ever. I strongly suggest that players can make a target Mirror Image macro to target this Mirror Image in the dungeon.

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Plague Rune

We have playroom modifiers. This causes Zombie attack to randomly affect people with Plague after one minute. They also turn into Zombies, and you have to kill them. You just need to use Holy Water in the box at the entrance. Also in the box is the new Holy Hand Grenade, which also removes Zombie effect.

WOTLK Classic: Plague Rune

Storm Peaks Dungeons

Titan Rune modifier now gives you a 1% stacking damage increase, up to a maximum of 100%. Once at 100%, you’ll gain Yogg-Saron buffs, such as increased mana regen and health.

Since Titanium Shield is extremely powerful, it’s important to keep the stack damage at 100%. Of course, there are now some surprising tentacles and key locations in the dungeon. Activating and destroying them with your Titan Buffs is a must.

WOTLK Classic: Storm Peaks Dungeons guide

Gundrak Dungeons

We get Rune of Blood again, the rune that causes Blood of The Loa to appear. It’s all about removing mobs from the life of trade.

You can now drink Witch Doctor’s Brew in several places in the dungeon. The drink drains 5% of your health for over five seconds. But just get a raid member to drink it, and the blood pool becomes harmless.

We also got Gladiator Rune from Trial of the Champion dungeon, generating buffed powers. But overall, it doesn’t help much, and this dungeon feels like the hardest by far.

Titan Rune Beta Rewards

Items you can expect to drop seem to replace typical hero gear in a dungeon. Instead, in my testing, nearly every boss dropped a piece of Naxxramas 10 gear along with WOTLK Classic Gold and other loot. The ultimate boss also drops an additional Naxxramas 10 gear.

We’ve also got Emblem of Conquest and daily quest rewards from each boss, which aren’t useless as you can use them to get other gear that suits you.

WOTLK Classic: Emblems of Triumph gears

You’ll also get two Emblems of Triumph from daily Heroic quests. If you can snatch Emblem from the last boss in the daily Heroic quest. You’ll also get three additional bonus Emblems.

Speaking of which, we haven’t mentioned Sidereal Essence, the new currency for acquiring 10-man Hard mode gear. You’ll get a Sidereal Essence from the last boss of each Heroic Plus Dungeons.

Because this currency is only obtainable from the ultimate boss in each dungeon that runs the world tour. So I strongly suggest that you can find a team with dedicated Tanks and Healers to complete all 13 missions per day. You’ll be able to add skips to fast travel to save time.

All in all, this is the explanation of some new Affixes and reward descriptions in Titan Rune Beta mode. I hope it can help you. Good luck exploring Titan Rune Beta dungeons.


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