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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: A Complete Guide On Crusader Orb

Posted: Apr 20, 2023

In this article, we’re talking everything about Crusader Orbs. We’ll cover all the new Crusader Orb items, how to get them and all about the new recipes and I’ll also talk about the new materials you can invest in for a big profit.

What To Craft With Crusader Orbs?

First off, what you can actually get from Crusader Orbs?

Crusader Orbs are used to craft chest and bracers for plate, leather, mail and cloth. These crafted items are going to be 245 item level. 

I know looking at your best list, you might not be impressed with your 252 item level pieces, but there’ are a lot of things to keep in mind that make these items way more relevant than they appear.

WotLK Phase 3 Crusader Orb Guide

Why Get Crusader Orb Gear?

For one thing, they’re purchasing on equipment, which means you can get them without ever setting foot in a raid. Since ToC is such an amazing catch-up raid, people coming back to the game are definitely going to want to purchase these BOEs. I was just on the Auction House recently on my Protection Paladin just try to snipe as many BOEs as I can.

They also have different itemization. For example, the Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers are seven item levels lower than the Grasps of Reason. But looking at the stats, you can see the replace Spirit with Crit, which is more viable for some specs.

Also, all of these pieces are the top three best for your spec right now, considering Heroic Mode won’t unlock until week two. They’re worth considering if you have a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold. They’re also an easy way to work on your off specs at. I want to work on my Feral set for my Druid, so I can just pick up the Nhut Air Base and get some nice armor penetration. 

WOTLK Classic Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers

How To Get Crusader Orbs?

Next, let’s talk about how you actually get these Crusader Orbs. 

*The main way to get Crusader Orbs is by raiding. Crusader Orbs can drop from each boss and throughout the Crusade. That’s 25 Man Normal, the 10 Man Heroic and the 25 Man Heroic.

However, the only exception is that I wasn’t getting any Crusader Orbs from 10 Man at all. There’s also a chance to get extra Crusader Orbs from the trivia chest available only in Heroic Mode. The less you wipe, the more loot you’ll get. 

*You can also get Crusader Orbs from Emblems. Crusader Orbs will be viable for 15 Emblems of Triumph each. Just like in the Ulduar phase, you can definitely liquidate your emblems the first couple weeks for some free gold. I’m expecting the value of these orbs to start at least 1,000 gold each. I really do believe selling these orbs will be a good strategy if you’re not planning on getting any Tier 9 or Tier 9.25 gear in the first week. 

*You’ll also be able to get Crusader awards from the Auction House since they’re tradable. You can just purchase and sell them on the Auction House like any other item.

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How To Get Recipes For Crusader Orb Gear?

Now, let’s get into how you can get the recipes to craft your Crusader Orb gear.

The Crusader Orb crafting recipes have a small chance to drop from bosses in ToC. I was able to get recipe drops from the bosses in Heroic 10, Normal 25 and Heroic 25. 

However, for my own testing, none of the recipes dropped from Normal 10 Man. That being said, there could be several differences since it was using my 3.35 database. As with the Runed Orb recipes, these are tradable and can be sold on the Auction House. 

The last note on recipes: you may notice that there are duplicates for each item. That’s because there are Alliance and Horde versions for every single item with different models, but the exact same stats. 

How To Make Gold With Crusader Orbs?

Next up, let’s talk about what materials you can invest in to make gold with Crusader Orbs.

No matter your profession, you should be able to make some gold crafting recipes with Crusader Orbs. There are relevant recipes for all the professions: Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking

It is worth noting that many of the materials are way different from the Runed Orb pieces and everything is more expensive as well. For example, a Runed Orb play belt costs five Titansteel Bars, but now the chest costs 10. 

Though, thankfully, for my Abyss personal investment, you do need four for the new black chests and leatherworking bracers. Now in terms of actually what I’m going to be investing in, there are a lot of options things like the Titansteel Bars, the Eternal Life, Icy Dragonscale

WOTLK Classic Borean Leather

Unfortunately, back in Phase 2, the profit really wasn’t that big on these kinds of investments, but I did recently purchase 100 Titansteel Bars and I have started flipping them since the supply is really low.

But you really don’t want to end up with something like 40,000 Heavy Borean Leather, because the demand will just be too low, though several of the new chest and bracers do require Epic Gems. 


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