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WOTLK Classic: Character Gearing Guide

Posted: Feb 24, 2023

Today I’m going to introduce players to a quick gear guide. That’s how to quickly equip your characters in Rapha Village King Classic. These tips will be of great help to newcomers or players who are just returning to the game.

The first thing to do after getting gear and ALT ready is to use your hero for daily quests. Because now he will give you some Conquest points after you complete the daily tasks. With these Conquest points, you can redeem some better gear. 

Of course, if you want more gear, you can try to make some Heroics. Because of the difficulty of the quest content, I recommended that you do as many Heroics as possible before attempting to level up a hero.

wotlk classic gearing guide

Additionally, players are required to enter one VOA 10 group and one VOA 25 group each week. When you meet two bosses, your strength may also proliferate. Thus you may get Tear Piece faster. Even sometimes, Tearset Bonus will explode your DPS.

Don’t overlook PVP gear. Since the game requires most players to have a certain number of equipment points, please try to get more PVP equipment to improve your equipment points. Although you probably won’t be bothered by this question.

So first get PVP Daily Quest every day and complete the random Battleground it gives you every day. At least this will give you a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold and some decent Arena Point.

You can get some cheap Arena Gear from Arena Vendor, sometimes even a very useful off hand weapon. You can actually redeem some pretty good items based on Commendations you earn. 

When you use Grass Black Trinkets and Helmets, it grants you a wealth of Honor Points. Especially when you complete all the quests you get from Winter Grass, you also get a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold rewards. If you can complete Winter Grass, you’ll be rewarded with almost 300 WOTLK Classic Gold.

These Beowes also get pretty cheap as we get farther and farther along in a particular stage. So now it’s very important for players to earn some WOTLK Classic Gold.

wotlk classic gearing tips

In addition, players must pay attention to the daily Cooking Quest or Fishing Quest, and there is a little extra WOTLK Classic Gold reward. You really don’t need to spend time every day going to open time to do Daily tasks. It’s such a waste of time. You just need to complete these small tasks, and you can easily get 300-500 WOTLK Classic Gold in less than half an hour.

If you still have remaining Emblems, please use them up on Boes as much as possible, or exchange them for corresponding WOTLK Classic Gold directly at the Auction House. This will be much cheaper than exchanging them for Frozen orbs. However, you need to double check the prices on Auction House server

I should note that you have to take part in some Raids at this time. You’ll find it’s much easier to do now than the 10-man Raids of Phase 1. You only need to do a VOA 10 group and a VOA 25 group every week, which will definitely help you join the guild.

The last suggestion will be specific to Death Knights. A lot of players have trouble getting rid of him because there are so many Death Knights in the game. A good way is to recruit enough people in your team as soon as possible, so that the burden on you as a Raid Leader will not be too great, and everyone will perform their own duties, so that there will be a greater chance of killing Death Knights, mission accomplished.

All the mechanisms are very basic. I believe many players know them. The important thing is that players need to complete the tasks every week and carefully review every battle in order to upgrade faster in the game and equip your characters. 


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