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WOTLK Classic: Corresponding Release Time Of Dragonflight And Its First Raid

Posted: Oct 10, 2022

Not long ago, Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft will usher in a new expansion called Dragonflight. The game will still be released globally, even though each region of the world has a different reset every week.

In fact, Dragonflight's release time is equivalent to the end of the year, and popular religious holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah will also come around this time. So many top raiders are very concerned that the first raid in the game is approaching these holidays. That way they might miss out on being reunited with their families because of preparation for the raid.

In order to allow Race to World First guilds like Echo and Liquid to participate in this new raid, and to ensure they get home on time after completing their raid, Blizzard is changing the way that the raid is released.


The Release Date Of Vault Of The Incarnates

Vault of the Incarnates will be released on December 12th, with the weekly server reset two weeks after the release of Dragonflight. The exact release time will vary depending on the player's region.

With holiday reasons in mind, the three main raid difficulties of Vault of the Incarnates are scheduled to open at the same time. The raid difficulties, Normal and Heroic will be available a week earlier than Mythic. Mythic will open earlier than planned. In this way, RWF gamers can enjoy their December holidays while still completing the quest.

It's worth noting that Raid Finder wings are split into three wings. And their release time won't take into account the approaching holidays. The three wings will launch in the weeks of December 19th, January 2nd and January 16th.

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