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WotLK Classic: Bugs In Battle For The Undercity Were Fixed By Blizzard

Posted: Oct 09, 2022

The main quest in The Battle For The Undercity requires the in-game characters Putress and Varimathras to work together to become the ruler of the Undead. Putress was originally a apothecary by profession. He quietly made New Plague as a result of his betrayal of Sylvannas Windrunner. Varimathras's career is a Nathrezim, who originally served mainly for the Sylvannas Windrunner. Due to his scheming personality, he chose to work with Putress. Together, they need to take over Undercity and remove Sylvannas Windrunner for their ultimate purpose. It sounds like this quest is exciting and rich, but it's full of bugs and errors, causing players to complain. Blizzard Entertainment also paid attention to this issue in time. Not only did it remind players to skip the quest during the reset, but it also took a week to fix issues reported by players. Just recently, bugs and errors in the infamous lore quest, The Battle For The Undercity were finally fixed and brought back to life.

The Battle For The Undercity

Blizzard posted a blue thread on its official forum Wowhead, and told everyone that while the quest was still buggy, most of the issues players complained about have been resolved. They also reminded players who started the quest before September 3rd, or if they entered any part of the quest after Darkness Stirs for Horde and Return to Angrathar for Alliance, that resetting the quest is the best way to meet  any error is. Players can reset by simply going to Tirisfal Glades and talking to Zidormi. Of course, for players who haven't started this mission, the current game experience must be the best compared to before.

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