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WOTLK Classic: Are Epic Gems Worth DPS For All Classes?

Posted: Apr 12, 2023

Today, we’re talking about Epic Gems. They will be officially added to the game in Phase 3 with the release of Trial of the Crusader Raid. Right now we have a bunch of Rare Gems in our gear. So now we’re left with the question of whether it’s worth upgrading your Rare Gems to Epic Gems when Phase 3 comes out.

So, I checked out the best Phase 2 Slot Settings for every category and spec on the official website and used their simulation tool. I compared the difference between Phase 2’s Best Slot Settings using Rare Gems and Phase 2’s Best Slot Settings using Epic Gems for each class.

master Jewelcrafting in WOTLK Classic

The Chart

Every class is known to do a decent amount of damage by upgrading to Epic Gems. But each class gets a different damage boost after upgrading to Epic Gems.

We can see that the specs of Affliction Warlock, Ret Paladins, Fury Warrior, and the two Death Knights have the greatest impact both in terms of total DPS gain and per Gems DPS gain. But it brought about none of these settings through Jewelcrafting.

So keep in mind that if you’re Jewelcrafting, the total payout might be a little less. Because you have three less upgradeable Gems slots. But the average earnings per gem should still be very similar. My takeaway from this graph is that upgrading to Epic Gems is a big DPS gain for every class and spec.

I could talk about Rogues in more detail. The upgrade to Epic Gems is for a bigger DPS upgrade than any single best Slot Settings in WotLK Classic. You can also see the simulation settings I used for each category and specification here in the diagram.

Gem Comparison Chart

How To Get Epic Gems

We’ve determined that upgrading your best Slot Settings to Epic Gems in Phase 2 is a pretty big deal for your character’s damage output. But how do we go about it?

We know that epic gems will appear in Phase 3. But there is still a question about how exactly we can get these Epic Gems. Because we don’t have any official information from Blizzard. But prospecting Titanium Ore is one way I think it is a good chance of getting Epic Gems in the current Phase 3 period.

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Another feasible option is to find rare items dropped from Icy Prism as Jewelcrafters. Because now the instructions have been released that you can exchange 10 Emblem of Heroism for Epic Gems or 20 Emblem of Heroism for single-color Gem for every 10000 Honor.

Although I’m a bit skeptical that it will work out of the box. But that’s just my guess. I’m just going to keep stocking up on Emblem, just in case, while avoiding wasting WOTLK Classic Gold. Remember, you can exchange any type of Emblem for an Emblem of Heroism. You can also earn more Emblems by actively participating in Rammus and Heroic Dungeons.

WotLK Classic Phase 3 How To Get Epic Gems

Is It Worth It To You

That’s all I have for you today. I hope you find this information helpful, as it helps you with any questions you may have about whether doing something in the game is worth it.

It’s more a matter of personal effort or time and what you want to invest in or what your real priorities are. I can give you info on DPS buffs, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the time to pursue it. have a beautiful day.


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