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Western Version Of Lost Ark Is Running Much Slower Than The Other

Posted: Oct 26, 2022

Recently, many members from the Lost Ark community have complained that the western version of Lost Ark is running the worst compared to other regional versions.

In one of the posts on Lost Ark's official forums, some players said that in the NA and EU versions of the game, players who were from the EU version obviously performed better. What's even more irritating is that both the Russian and Korean counterparts generally performed much better than the players from the NA version.

different versions of Lost Ark

Some players directly stated that the reason why players in the Western version had such a poor experience was that their version of the game was running 30-50 FPS slower than other versions. A player named Megaa directly posted a video of the players' desktop running on YouTube to prove it. From the video we can intuitively see that the RU version runs at 120 FPS, while the EU version runs at 70 FPS.

Some speculate that the above is due to the extra resources used by the Easy Anti-Cheat system in the EU and NA versions.

But so far Amazon has not explained the situation. We only know of one forum user who claimed to have received a response from a customer service representative who also said a solution would be rolled out soon.

If you are still waiting for the official explanation, you can bookmark our web, Once there is any news, we will notify you in time. Of course, if you happen to need to buy Lost Ark Gold, you can also come to IGGM to have a look. Here you can not only enjoy preferential prices, but also experience high-quality services. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact our 24-hour online customer service!


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