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Two of the Most Talked-about Aspects of WoW WOTLK Classic

Posted: Sep 17, 2022

One of the things players complain about when they talk about Blizzard is about the servers. Once the expansion repair is over and then goes online, the player's server will face a state of crash. To everyone's disappointment, this problem persists despite the game's retail version being released for a while.

Long Queues to Log into the Game

Long Queues

The advantage of the Northrend Upgrade Pack is that it allows players to quickly reach level 70. However, compared with earning gold coins and upgrading equipment in the game, it is more difficult for players to queue up on the server. Especially on mega servers, players will have to queue for at least six hours, which is currently the longest queue in World of Warcraft.

Although queuing can reflect the popularity of the game, many players feel that they are forced to use remote desktop apps in order to log into the game and spend hours queuing to play the game, which affects their gaming experience.

Even though Blizzard responded positively to players' feedback and offered free-transfer options to players who couldn't queue on different servers,  still couldn't accept it. Without RDF, they need more time to form a party for a dungeon or raid, so there are fewer MMO players on the server.

Very Few Players can Play the Scourge Zombies

Scourge Zombies

Long queue times also give players a bad gaming experience. Players had been very excited to try to kill some undead in the Pre-Patch event prior to WotLK's release, and now they can't continue playing after a few days of the game event due to server queuing issues.

Those players who didn't encounter queuing problems went from receiving emails every now and then to being constantly turned into zombies by sad players. The legendary quote "you think you do, but you don't apply to WotlK Classic servers but does apply to the Scourge Invasion. It's like if you like AFK in an auction house in a big city, it's definitely a bad game experience.

Fortunately, the event started early, and many problems were solved in time after they appeared. We will work hard to improve the problems reported by players. It's worth noting that even if the latency issue is resolved, Blizzard will still handle server queuing issues via forced server transfers etc.

All in all, quickly getting gold after the problem is solved will undoubtedly speed up your game progress. is the best place with best quality service to buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. Act now!


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