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Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Playstyle Guides on Warrior

Posted: Sep 13, 2022

With the coming updates of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Warrior as one of the famous characters in the WOW has attracted a lot of attentions naturally. Thus today I would like to introduce this most classic class to beginners in WOFTLK.

Warrior, what do you think when you hear the word? A warrior in the Wrath of the Lich King? popularity and damage? Titan's Grip or just Bladestorm? All of that or even more? You can say that warriors have aged well, especially since most of the streamers either main on it, or come back around for it, anyhow aging well part can be said about protection warriors. Yes they are playable, and they are capable of doing so much single target damage and thus threat, but almost every other tanking spec can do the same or even better in some aspects.

Apart from Fury and Protection spec, there is still Arms back in WOTLK as well, just like in TBC. Titan's Grip is what puts stars in everyone's eyes, dual wielding, two-handed swords, maces or axes is so epic, but you gotta keep in mind that with that you need high hit rating and decent amount of haste. Fury Warrior will get its time to shine later on in Expansion around Tier Nine. Until then because of the Bladestorm, Arms Warrior will have the spotlight along with Protection Warrior.

In PVP sphere, warriors will be just as strong like DKs. Warriors were always pure DPS class and since they don't bring as much utilities, so they do compensate for it in damage. And since majority of buffs and auras are raid wide, it means that you can comfortably stack multiple warriors buffs and achieve awesome results.

Leveling a warrior doesn't differ from before especially for dungeon leveling. And will there be a lot of players playing it? Yes, and honestly I don't even need to say it, because I don't know what is people's craze about it, is it at monotone play style or ability to focus only on dealing damage since you have zero raid mechanics that you have to take care of?

Unlike hunters, for example from the beginning of expansion, mostly it will be spread over Protection and Arm spec, and then all of those will at once into pure Fury Warrior as soon as we step into ICC. Fury Warriors everywhere, general feeling of playing this class is feeling of power with either Bladestorm or Titan's Grip, no doubt that warrior is a beast in right hands, but decently good in left hands as well.

If you want to check more inform about the class introduce in WOTLK, could be you best partner. Other than that, you can also buy Cheap WOTLK Classic Gold here, we have good price and best online support for you, come to purchase!


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