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Torchlight Infinite: What Will Happen in Season 3?

Posted: Apr 12, 2023

Torchlight Infinite Season 3 is scheduled to be launched in mid-May 2023, according to the announcement made to the Torchlight Hunters community.

This upcoming season is a significant event for the game, as it represents the Global Launch, making it available to players worldwide.

To mark this special event, it has designed an exciting season that promises to offer Torchlight Hunters a wealth of new challenges, rewards, Torchlight: Infinite Currency, and experiences.

To ensure that everyone can make the most of this season, they have taken care to schedule it in a way that avoids any clashes with other major releases.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Torchlight Hunters community for their unwavering support and feedback during the development of Torchlight: Infinite.

torchlight infinite season 3 release date

Their passion and enthusiasm have played a pivotal role in shaping the game into what it is today, and we all eagerly anticipate their response to the upcoming season.

We will keep you updated with further information regarding the upcoming season of Torchlight: Infinite. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

Torchlight Infinite Season 3

They are currently directing our efforts towards the development of season 3. In this new season, they aim to address any outstanding issues from Black-sail, as well as enhance the gameplay experience.

Game Content

The duration of each season is set to about three months. There is currently insufficient gameplay content to sustain this period.

As such, in addition to introducing new gameplay content, to exploring options to extend the progression cycle and introduce more goals is a good choice.

The progression curve altered, it will also adjust the corresponding stage difficult curve accordingly.

Loot Experience

During the Black-sail season, players have been overly focused on grinding for Flame Fuel.

Initially, it had intended to provide more Flame Fuel drops to create a more consistent drop rate and to give players the sense of always receiving something.

This would have the additional benefit of easing players into the crafting system and helping you grasp the game's mechanics more quickly.

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To combat the monotonous progression and drop experience of the Black-sail season, they plan to introduce more crafting base material drops in the upcoming season.

These materials will be essential for the new crafting season and filter prompts will be provided to facilitate gear recognition.

Other Optimizations

They are simultaneously working on optimization and new content development for the upcoming season. Below are the optimizations they plan to introduce in this season.

Control Experience

Including support for new skill casting settings and options such as auto-channel, auto-aim, and instant cast and expanded controller interfaces allowing for greater customization of the navigation wheel, it will give you better experience.

PC Version

The upcoming season will bring new optimizations to the game, including a floating UI feature for the Inventory interface, HD processing for some graphic materials, and updated UI features such as displaying information in a separate window.

Trade House

The upcoming season will introduce advanced searches in the Trade House and Tax Refund Vouchers will be distributed more frequently to minimize the impact of the trade tax on active players, such as through rewards in events and farming activities.

Visual experience

They will include an option to adjust the transparency of skill effects to enhance the safety of Hunters' eyes.

Netherrealm Gameplay

1. Faster card collection in Chaos Invasion gameplay will enable more strategic options for Hunters.

2. God of War can be ended early if all rewards have been claimed before the countdown ends.

Hero Emblem

Torchlight: Infinite is planning to allow Hunters to obtain up to 100 Hero Emblems next season , which will provide more Hero Traits for players to use.

The development team is currently working on future versions of the game to ensure the game remains healthy and dynamic. The seasonal system and continuous improvements are essential for maintaining the game's longevity. Player suggestions and support are appreciated.


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