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News Tag: diablo 4 season 1

  • Diablo 4: These Proven Strategies To Help You Level Up Quickly In Season 1!

    Posted: Aug 09, 2023

    Here I will tell you some effective strategies for quickly leveling up in Diablo 4 Season 1. In this leveling guide, the focus is on leveling up efficiently and completing the game quickly. If you’ve already completed the campaign in this Eternal Realm, the first step is to skip the campaign.

    Once we get to Sanctuary, we get some Renown rewards. That’s not much, and will get us to level 2 after logging in. If you have an idea for an upgrade, this is a great place to start.

    Typically, leveling builds prioritize powerful areas of effect with Core Skills, Passive, Damage Multipliers, and Movement Speed. After you’ve picked up any Side Quests near Kyovashad, you’ll need to identify Whispers region closest to you.

    Levels 1 To 30 - Focus On Large Groups Of Monsters

    From levels 1 to 30, your goal is to focus on taking down any hordes of monsters you can find. So you just need to move towards Whispers target and cultivate any enemy groups in between. 

    This will be a rinse and repeat process. Get on your mount, follow another marker towards Whispers, and stop to look for any groups of enemies along the way.

    If you see an event where there are groups of elites and thugs, you need to stop and defeat them. This will be our main and most important source of XP per hour. Anything that prevents this will result in a loss of XP. This includes opening your inventory and trying to read every Diablo 4 Items, as well as opening your Skill Points menu and reading everything.

    If you spend 30 seconds every time you pick up that gear or look at Skill Points menu every time you level up, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to farm XP. Only try to do this if you can no longer clear the mobs with an attack or two, otherwise it’s just a waste of time.

    Complete Grim Favor Or Side Quest

    Every time you complete a Grim Favor or Side Quest, you get another XP boost in addition to what you’ve already done.

    At level 11, clearing 2 groups of mobs gave me 1,000 XP, about 3% of my level. Clearing Whispers of The Dead gave me a 1,200 XP bonus. That’s another 3% of my level. Completing Side Quests also gets the same amount, about 3% of my level.

    Reduce The Number Of Recalls

    Another time waster in early leveling is recalling. We should do filling up your inventory and returning to town as little as possible. Typically, you should be able to hit level 20 to 30 within an hour, at which point enemies can become harder to kill. But this is where we change our strategy.

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    You’ll need to identify nearby dungeons that offer Aspects that increase your damage based on your build. You can set a marker and make sure to kill every pack of mobs in between here and there, reaping all Diablo 4 Gold rewards faster.

    Because we know that there will definitely be elites and a lot of enemies. So we can speed up our clearance time by unlocking an Aspect in this Codex of Power.

    At Occultist, make sure to get these Aspects stamped on your accessories like rings and amulets. Because putting one of your most effective Aspects on the rings gives you a 50% bonus.

    Rare Or Legendary Gear

    You also have to be prepared to pick up some rare or legendary gear. On armor, you’ll look for things like Main Stat, Cooldown Reduction, Damage, Crit Chance, Movement Speed Rank. Especially Core Skills of gloves.

    Your weapons will depend on your build, but you’ll also want to focus on weapon stats that apply to your build, including:

    • Crit Damage
    • Vulnerable Damage
    • Overpower Damage
    • Damage vs
    • Main Stat
    • Core Skill Damage

    The accessories focus on Crit Chance, Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed, Vulnerable Damage.

    It doesn’t matter if a piece of armor or a weapon has +2 damage, what matters is that these affixes multiply the type of damage you’re doing. Doing this as well as giving your build the proper Aspect will get you cleared faster, which also means you gain XP faster.

    Level 30 To 50 - Complete Strongholds

    At level 30 to 50, keep doing what you were doing before, but start including Strongholds. Strongholds have a high density of mobs and sometimes a lot of elites. But just remember to keep clearing the hordes of mobs along the way.

    If your build is going strong, you can also head to Hawezar and Kehjistan for the challenge. In Hawezar, monsters can reach up to level 40, while Kehjistan can reach level 45. Just make sure your removal speed isn’t affected. Mobs give you an extra 1.5% experience per level above you. Up to 10 levels above you.

    Also, Malignant Tunnels, which are exclusive to this Seasonal Realm, will grant even more XP, based on what we learned in a developer update. Don’t forget to use Elixirs and team up with friends for an extra 15% XP. 

    That’s it for my leveling plan. Hope these tips and tricks help you level up quickly and efficiently in Diablo 4. See you in the game.

  • Diablo 4 Season 1: Five Dungeons That Can Help You Level, Loot & Upgrade Your Glyphs

    Posted: Aug 05, 2023

    Here, I would like to introduce you to some dungeons that are especially good for leveling, looting, and upgrading your glyphs. Of course, there are several more, which are not bad either. But these are my favorite ones.

    Sarat’s Lair

    Sarat’s Lair is a spider cave where you only have to destroy three targets and then complete a boss fight. The map is very compact and the layout hardly varies. The bathroom is always in the middle and outside around you’ll find some map objectives. 

    There are many Elite mobs in small space and those many small spiders are also great for getting XP. The tests are quickly done. And after the fight with a giant spider, the dungeon is completed. You’ll also get some random Diablo 4 Items for it. All in all, Sarat’s Lair is a nice dungeon in every aspect. 

    Hoarfrost Demise

    Hoarfrost Demise has very similar qualities. You only need to destroy three skeleton constructs and you get access to the boss chamber.

    The map is very compact, and you can run in a circle to destroy the constructs. So, you don’t have to run the same way twice. The monsters are mainly goat men and skeletons. Elite mobs often appear in groups. If you have a strong build, you’ll be able to harvest a lot of Diablo 4 Gold in a short amount of time.

    Uldur’s Cave

    I have already recommended Uldur’s Cave in my previous guide. And this season, it is even a Nightmare Dungeon. The tests destroy three barricades and then kill all the monsters in the last section.

    However, this is not a problem. As with the other two maps, the corridors are all very narrow.

    Komdor Temple

    The Komdor Temple is structured similarly to the dungeon Champion’s Demise. There are three arms in three different directions. Here, you just don’t have to drag around any blocks but only kill three targets, one at the end of each arm. 

    We fight against goat men again. So, in higher dungeons, you should be careful.

    Mercy’s Reach

    Unlike the other four dungeons, Mercy’s Reach isn’t quite as compact, but it’s still one of my favorite dungeons. Because it has masses of Elite mobs.

    After the first section, you come to the spot where you should place the Bloodstones. From there, two short ways either lead to the room where the stone is lying. Sometimes, the two paths are opposite to each other, sometimes at an angle.

    Already in the corridor, you often find a few Elite groups. But the real action is in the stone room. There are about 10 Elite monsters, maybe even more. 

    This can be a bit dangerous. You need a strong character. With my wolf, I do it like that. I lead the monsters from the corridor into the room and there I cast my ultimate to pull all the monsters together. When that happens, I move a bit to the side, cast some Tornadoes, and dash down the monsters with shreds. You can see the result pretty well here.

    Hurricane should also be active. And when standing in the crowd, you should have a finger on a bloodhole. In case of an emergency, it’s best to press it several times. Often, it doesn’t ignite the first time because you are interrupted by attacks. After the two rooms, there is only another short section and the boss fight. 

    With all the dungeons of course, the level should not overwhelm the character and also unfavorable affixes should be avoided if possible.

  • Diablo 4: Barber Heart Ruined & More Loot And XP You Can Get After Patch 1.1.1!

    Posted: Aug 03, 2023

    Barber Heart finally get nerfed, but it's actually a good thing, also can the changes to dungeons and the bosses make the game more fun. Let me iterate and Necromance aspects are vastly changing to make some of the builds even better than ever.

    Barber Heart Changed!

    What's happening to Barber Heart, fixed an issue where Barber malignant power would absorb damage from all other players and not just the players with it equipped. Remember doing a well boss and a dying a second with 200 million damage, this is a change that is not nerfing the power of the heart in your single playthrough. Even if you're playing with friends, but it's making it less annoying, because your friends has Barber and you stop seeing your own damage number suddenly, your lucky hits don't work anymore correctly, some of the builds just directly break.

    It's just super annoying to also not see that big damage number yourself, because your friend applied Barber and you didn't. So the nerf here is actually a buff to overall game fun, because this is how Barber Heart should work, it shouldn't absorb the damage of your friends. But your damage should do millions damage in Season 1, you're supposed to have something completely op going on.

    Also as a heads up, if you actually have the Urn of Bargaining online, then it's not increasing the enchant cost for items anymore, so rejoice with your points in earn of bargaining get more Diablo 4 Gold straight away.

    More Loot & XP

    Now in general, Monster Density in Nightmare dungeon helltides will be updated straight away, so that means more elites in the dungeon. Which could make the dungeons more challenging? Because right now sometimes you have three or four leads in the whole first part of the dungeon and another three or four in the second and then the boss, and you get a super easy run.

    Now with more elites, more XP, more item drops, more chance for uniques, but does that also mean more fun? Because it's going to be more challenging and I do think that will also lead to me enjoying a dungeon even more, if there's just more dudes that I can like more big packs, more challenging packs that I can take down. Especially depending on how good your build is, plus bosses at the end of the dungeon finally have more health up to 100% on level 100, not you level 100 boss level 100.

    So bosses level 80 already have 50% more health, I don't think that's an issue, it's just gonna make a boss fight take a little longer not if you have Barber Heart though. That's quite nice, because the end of the dungeon boss should be taking time or should be a challenge, it should just like a normal lead in the dungeon.

    Plus the most important thing, level 35 and higher boss monsters will now have a 100% chance to drop a legendary item. Treasure Goblins now have an increased legendary item drop chance from level 6 to 14, and 100% legendary drops starting at level 15. Legion Events are now rewarding a guaranteed legendary item starting at level 35.

    That's a beautiful change, because from level 35 on to level 50, you can do many Legion Events in that time span, that's six guaranteed legendaries with a Treasure Goblin, with a level 35 monsters as you do Tree of Whisper stuff. You're just finally gonna actually be legendaried out, aspected out, you get more aspects in general, until you actually hit like level 60, 70, so you're more prepared for nightmare dungeons to jump into World tier 3, the jump into World tier 4, all will be better and more convenient.

    Honest Real Talk About Season 1

    Nightmare dungeons might be a little bit more fun, the challenge might go a little bit up, the XP goes also faster, because now there's more elites and Dungeons and there should be more minions and dungeons, so you should level up faster in general.

    But if you don't enjoy this season and you like don't like the season mechanic, this is not changing anything for you if you didn't like Season 1 before you won't like Season 1 magically because of this patch 1.1.1, Sorcerer is going to get changed Barbarian is going to get changed there's quite some things happening.

    For me I'm a very simple man, I just see the changes to Necromancer I can experiment even more with Necromancer try out different builds and they nerf the respawn cost.

  • Diablo 4: Blizzard Needs To Fix This Season 1 New Massive Exploit As Soon As Possible

    Posted: Aug 03, 2023

    Season 1 in Diablo 4 just keeps getting a crazier and crazier the stuff just keeps happening, so I always promised you I would keep you in the know here on the things that I'm learning, behind the scenes or in the community or news or whatever's going on, I always said that I would do an article and keep you in the loop. 

    Wind In The Community

    Basically what I'm catching wind in the community is that, there is supposedly a way to bring in Eternal characters, which are non-Seasonal, this would be an Eternal character. There's a way to bring these in to Seasonal mode, which obviously, I don't have to explain to you why that's going to create problems with bringing in like gold and Diablo 4 Items from a different character, that's not intended to play in the season. 

    It goes both ways by the way. When I was being shown what's going on, I saw an Eternal character wearing a Malignant heart, which obviously is supposed to be exclusive to Season 1. You're not supposed to be able to have Eternal characters, wearing and using same Malignant Hearts and you're not supposed to be able to have Seasonal characters, that are interacting with Diablo 4 Gold from the Eternal Realm. All that they're supposed to be two completely separate things in terms of the Eternal Realm and Season 1 Malignant Realm. 

    Key Point Of Season 1

    If you're new to RPGs or anything like that the whole point of seasons is to have everything get wiped. Everybody start from scratch it can be a good opportunity for people to come in and come back after a break, and feel like they're on equal footing with everybody, in terms of playing the game and trying to progress and be on leaderboards. All that the whole point of the seasons is to keep the non-Seasonal characters out of there, and completely reset everything with a fresh start

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    Don't Do This!

    I kind of understand the gist of how the method works in Diablo 4, I'm not really going to talk about that in an article, because I don't want a bunch of people bringing in non-Seasonal characters into the season for obvious reasons. If you do find out how to do this I wouldn't recommend doing it. Because this is probably going to be something that Blizzard will consider taking action on players' accounts, if they're going to be bringing in in some of those non-Seasonal characters into the season, that's the type of thing that could get your account actioned negatively by Blizzard

    So what I'm gonna do is forward the knowledge that I have about learning of this method to Blizzard and then I'm gonna keep you in the loop on what is going on, as we learn more and more about this. I'm going to play some Diablo 4 and I'm learning about this crazy method, where people are able to bring in non-Seasonal characters into the season and I will do everything I can to keep you in the know of what is going on with that. 

    Thanks for your reading!

  • Diablo 4: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Malignant Hearts In Season 1?

    Posted: Aug 03, 2023

    Here, we’re gonna go over Season 1, the Malignant. We’re gonna learn all about the Caged Hearts and the new questline, and, of course, some tips and tricks from me on how to dominate. 

    Cormand & The Malignant

    Our adventure begins right away by the waypoint in the starting town, Kyovashad, where we quickly learn that Malignance has spread across Sanctuary. 

    Shortly after, we find our hero, Cormond, and his wagon, just south of the Ked Bardu waypoint in the Dry Steppes, to aid us. 

    He teaches us a ritual to capture these corrupted enemies’ Hearts, which we ultimately socket into our jewelry to become far more powerful. 

    Malignant Hearts

    There are four different Heart types that correspond with specific socket colors. 

    The blue Brutal Hearts provide defense, which is critical for the endgame content and Hardcore players. 

    The Vicious orange Hearts grant you offensive powers to slay your enemies. 

    The red Devious Hearts provide utility, increasing your quality of life in different ways. 

    And finally, the most powerful of them all, the gray Wrathful Hearts can be socketed into any-color socket and provide extreme powers that completely transform your character. 

    It’s also important that these Hearts increase in power as you climb to higher World Tiers, and they provide you armor to keep you alive. So, essentially, you’ll always be hunting for better Hearts along your journey, until you find the perfect combination for your build. 

    I have found a lot of these Caged Hearts so far in my journey, but I want to show you a few of them that I’ve really enjoyed. 

    So, the first one is this Vicious Heart (Caged Heart of the Dark Dance), which has an offensive power. When you’re above 60% life, you occasionally charge life instead of resources for your skills in order to do significantly more damage. It’s a nice way to deal way more damage if you have the appropriate defenses. 

    Caged Heart of Revenge is an incredible defensive Brutal Heart. It’s gonna suppress a lot of the damage that you get, and then it’s eventually going to explode and detonate a bunch of fire damage whenever you use a defensive skill against your enemies. 

    And finally, seeing one of the Wrathful Hearts (Caged Heart of Creeping Death). This is something that I’m absolutely planning to use against Uber Lilith. Because against Unstoppable monsters and Staggered bosses, they’re going to take 130% more damage from your damages over time. Poison her down with Poison Imbuement and hopefully watch her health bar just erode away. 

    Maligant Tunnels

    The next thing we want to talk about is: where do we find these Malignant monsters and these Caged Hearts to get the powers that you need? 

    First of all, you’re gonna find them in a lot of your regular activities. For example, when you get into the endgame, you can find these Malignant monsters in your Nightmare Dungeons. And as you climb to the higher World Tiers, you can even find the Wrathful ones. 

    But there’s also a way to target-farm them, and that is with Malignant Tunnels. So, if you check your map and zoom in, you will find these little gates with the little green leaves at the top, and these are Malignant Tunnels that you can run through. They are very quick and you can reset them very easily. For example, the Dindai Hollow, the Ravening Pit, and the Den of the Blighted

    And another thing to understand at the end of these is if you have Invokers, you can actually activate a final Malignant monster of your choosing at the end. So, I’m using the Imbuement powers here to absolutely destroy. 

    This is World Tier 4 on Hardcore, by the way, and absolutely destroying everything. What we’re looking for in these Malignant Tunnels are the Elites. 

    When you run through these Malignant Tunnels, there’s an Elite marked with a skull. And after he dies, you’re gonna see he’s gonna drop his Heart. You will randomly pick up a Wrathful Heart, a Caged Heart or other rarer hearts. It all depends on your luck.

    Elites are more powerful enemies that can randomly spawn anywhere you encounter regular monsters in Diablo 4. KIll them when you come across them. This way you can randomly pick up some Hearts again. 

    And after these Elites dies, if you don’t have any Invokers (the Diablo 4 Items you can craft), the strategy here is you can escape and Leave Dungeon, and then, once you’re outside of the dungeon, hit J and then reset it. You can come right back in. 

    But if you have an Invoker, you can press forward. Now you have two choices. If you have a Wrathful Invoker, which is the best thing that you can get, you can click this and spawn a Wrathful monster. I don’t have one, which is too bad, but I do think I have a Brutal one. 

    So, if I click this, it’s going to allow me to target-farm may be a Brutal defensive power that I really want. His Heart is gonna drop on the ground. Only had to kill him once. This is making it easy on me. And there we go, we got the Lionheart power. 

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    Crafting Hearts

    Now, we are back in Kyovashad, just to the left of the waypoint at Cormond’s Workbench, to talk about the final topic, crafting. Of course, no matter what you craft, you need to spend a certain amount of Diablo 4 Gold.

    So, if you open up the workbench, you have a couple of options. 

    First, you can craft the Caged Hearts individually. And when you pick up the Ichors by doing battle, this will let you come here and craft whatever you’re specifically looking for. 

    You can also craft the Invokers. Remember at the end, when we clicked one of the two little growths to activate the Heart? What you’re looking for is the Wrathful stuff, which makes the last part exciting, the Uncertain one, because the Uncertain one has a chance to craft a Wrathful Heart, and this one has a chance to craft a Wrathful Invoker. 

    So we’re gonna Yolo it here. I’m gonna spend all my resources. Can we get a Wrathful one, one time? Never lucky.

  • Diablo 4: A Good News For Players - Mounts Will Be Allowed To Charge Through Barricades

    Posted: Aug 01, 2023

    We've got a ton of Diablo 4 news to go over today, and I have some excellent news about the mount who's getting quite the upgrade in the future, a lot of you are going to be very very happy about this news.

    Now unfortunately Season 1 has also introduced a mechanic, that if used in a party or even near random players is absolutely destroying player builds. I still cannot get over, but this is even in the game, so we definitely need to highlight this and you need to actively avoid using this supposedly best Malignant Heart in the game, if you are in a group or near random players.

    Also we do have a fantastic news about Diablo 4 season 1, despite a lot of the negativity, but there's still a group of players here who are very engaged and enjoying getting some Diablo 4 Items.

    We're going to talk about the excellent news about the mount.

    Allows The Mount To Charge Through Barricades

    News about the mount, check it out from Joe Shely of Blizzard who says this, we're going to allow the mount charge to break through barricades, I realize I didn't make this explicit in Diablo 4 campfire chat.

    This is fantastic news. One of the most annoying things about exploring the open world, for me at least is running into the barricade, even when you're on the mount trying and struggling to walk around that. So kudos to Blizzard for adding this, I feel like it's also going to add an element to the mount, that's going to make the mount build worthwhile, give it that gameplay mechanic or your mount actually feels powerful, and it doesn't require players to spend some Diablo 4 Gold.

    More Improvements Are Expected

    I think they should add even more to this perhaps, so hopefully they continue to expand the amount going forward. However with that being said we did get a reply. Next make climbing or descending a ladder reset the mount cooldown. After fighting or using the dismount attack, dismount just to ascend a ladder, but then you have to stand at top of it for 10 seconds to remount is oof.

    We have a reply here from Joe Shely, who says you got it. So that's also another Diablo 4 improvement that's going to be applying to the mount, now that you probably want further improvements as well to the cooldown right and that sort of thing sound off, on what else you would like to see changed and improved for the mount.

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    Comments From Other Players

    Now also we have some further replies about this check it out on Reddit, it says thank baby Jesus. I can't count the number of times I had to dismount, I'd use my strongest skill just in spite to kill the two dudes and the barricade.

    Also we have one right here says, good addition, I also hope they make it, so horse speed is not relative to your cursor's distance from the player. Honestly if it were up to me, the horse would just be a set move speed bonus on top of whatever the player is.

    Great point there are a lot of people agreed, and then we have finally this one right here. I personally don't care about being able to run over them, I'd be more than happy to jump off my mount and kill them. What I hate after I did that, I still have 8 seconds of my 10 second Diablo 4 mount cooldown. I understand the cooldown if you get knocked off your mount, but remove the cooldown from the normally mounting or unmounting, it's especially annoying in areas where you have to climb up stuff or if you want to nuke an elite really fast, but still have to wait on the mount cooldown afterwards.


    So I mean, Blizzard is solving half of that problem with the fact that they will be addressing that wind climbing ladders, but I get where you're coming from I don't know why there's so much focus on this cooldown with the mount.

    I think it does involve extending play time percentages and that sort of thing, I'll keep talking about this if there's an update, thanks for reading.

  • Diablo 4: How To Get Fresh Meaty Barding Armor In Season 1? - Tips And Tricks

    Posted: Jul 27, 2023

    During Diablo 4 Season 1, a Butcher-themed vest appeared in the game and managed to catch my attention. This has been spotted several times in the game by other players, and it has been confirmed that it does indeed drop.

    Today I'll explain exactly how you can get this thing. So do you want to get the incredible horse mount armor without paying ludicrous Diablo 4 Gold they're asking within the shop? Today let me first show you the actual mount itself, the mount armor itself is incredible looking, you can check this thing in Diablo 4.

    How To Get Fresh Meaty Barding?

    This thing is called Fresh Meaty Barding, it is a design that might make you feel repelled or disgusted, but it is not so easy to get it.

    Do you know how to get it? It's seems quite simple, you need to encounter Butcher, you need to take out Butcher. That's basically where this thing drops, it's a new drop added into the loophole for Butcher, who can come across within those Dungeons, and even in those super super rare instances, you can also meet him within a Cellar, but this is a very challenging task.

    My Personal Experience In Season 1

    I come across this dude, he's scared the crap at me, beat the crap out of me, so I didn't get this thing. I've actually come across him now three times since this season in Diablo 4, I've been just underpowered way, under leveled my builds, so I didn't manage to beat it and get Fresh Meaty Barding, although I'd love to get it.

    But if you can take out Butcher, there's a chance like I said of you getting this amazing mount armor, from killing Butcher. Currently, it only seems to drop from randomly spawning Butchers, but there's no guaranteed way to get the dreaded Butcher to spawn. If you encounter him, dungeon is your best choice, because many players are here to get some rare Diablo 4 Items, so relatively speaking, your chances of encountering Butcher will be greater.

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    How To Beat Butcher?

    If you want to get Fresh Meaty Barding, this task will be very difficult for you. Diablo 4's Butcher is probably one of the most feared enemies for players due to his incredible speed, damage and stun. So if you want to beat it, you need to master a few tricks, which is what I have learned from my constant battle with Butcher.

    Therefore, you need to ensure that there is some object between you and him, such as a pillar or a corner. This way Diablo 4's Butcher won't be able to hook and stun you as easily. It is also recommended that you do not act alone, you can with a friend or two, which can increase your chances of successfully defeating Butcher.


    So this is an incredible mount armor which I cannot wait to get it. Now I noticed in the game I cannot wait to try and get this thing, but now I got it successfully.

    This is how you get this incredible Fresh Meaty Barding armor. Hope you like it.

  • Diablo 4: Useful Tips For Quickly Leveling Up New Characters In Season 1

    Posted: Jul 27, 2023

    Heading into Season 1, some Diablo 4 players were concerned by the fact that you need to start a new character every season in order to experience each season’s new content.

    And since the 1.1.0 patch on July 18 with the associated damage, survivability, and XP gain nerfs, almost all players are now looking at their experience bar and wishing it would go up a bit faster.

    We’ve done some testing and we’re here to help you quickly level up new characters through to level 50 both in the Eternal Realm and with new seasonal characters in Diablo 4.

    Leveling Is Faster With Friends

    We’ll be focusing on the solo leveling experience in this guide. But something to keep in mind is that leveling is faster with friends.

    Standing near teammates gives you a passive XP generation boost. And the more people you have around you to help slay demons, the more they speed up any dungeons or strongholds that you might be tackling.

    So, if you’ve got a crew that your dungeon crawling with, you’re already off to a great start. This guide will be helpful to all players, though, whether you’re playing with friends or by yourself.

    Leveling Your First Character

    The two main objectives that will help you the most when getting your account ready for leveling new characters are finishing the main campaign and finding all of the Altars of Lilith.

    Completing the campaign is important not only because most seasonal activities are locked behind completion of the main campaign but also because creating new characters and getting them through the first 50 levels becomes much easier and much faster after this. This is because you unlock the skip campaign button from the character creation menu, which will allow new seasonal characters to jump straight to level for the new content.

    Players starting their first character during the season can do this in the Seasonal Realm too, meaning your character can go straight to completing season objectives after the campaign.

    If you want to get through the campaign as quickly as possible, make sure you select World Tier 1. Because these main story missions will take less time to complete and also grant you more efficient leveling progress than World Tier 2 would allow for.

    We’ll revisit World Tier 2, leveling in just a minute for those of you who still want to give it a go.

    While you’re completing the campaign, you will travel across most of the Sanctuary. So, use this opportunity to find all of the Altars of Lilith while you’re passing through most of these places already. These Altars give all of your characters permanent stat bonuses, which we’ll go into in just a second.

    Once you beat the main campaign and find all the Altars, try to get to level 45 or 50 by completing strongholds, side quests, Tree of Whisper bounties, dungeons, and Legion Events in order to take on the World Tier 2 Capstone Dungeon.

    Completing this challenging activity will reward you with access to World Tier 3, which is the start of what we’ll consider the post game leveling grind.

    Leveling Your Second Character

    If you’ve already finished the campaign with one character and you choose to skip the campaign, you will start at level 1 in Kyovashad with your Mount and Whisper Bounties already unlocked for you.

    This character will start with any bonuses that your previous character received through Renown rewards, like these stat boosts from Altars of Lilith, as well as potion capacity upgrades and skill point bonuses from Renown.

    This means that new characters can start with a maximum of 10 free skill points as well as 68 extra points that go into each of your character’s main stats being Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, and Dexterity, making your fresh character very powerful from level 1.

    For each new season, only Altar and map discovery progress will carry forward from realm to realm, meaning you only need to do those activities once. But you won’t keep your Renown progress from dungeons, side quests, and strongholds.

    Giving new characters access to all of these bonuses right from level 1 will be the most meaningful step that you can take to make sure that your second or third characters breeze through the first 50 levels.

    They could be so strong that they’ll be wiping the floor with the first 25 levels in the game, and it becomes more efficient for them to play on World Tier 2 instead of World Tier 1. Because they defeat the more difficult enemies fast enough to enjoy the bonus experience that the higher difficulty rewards you with.

    Fight Enemies Of A Higher Level

    When playing a second character, you can choose whichever activity you would like to proceed with 4 leveling.

    As speed is the name of the game here though, keep in mind that XP that you gain from killing enemies is increased if the enemies are a higher level than you.

    In the Eternal Realm, areas have set levels. So, investigate the map and look for what level each area is set to as you’re progressing from Level 1 to 50 in order to keep earning XP efficiently.

    Seasonal Realm characters regions are set to the same level. So, instead, we recommend you focus on strongholds.

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    How To Repeat Strongholds (Reset)?

    Strongholds will always be at least two levels above your own. But they also have set level minimums. So, they could be 5, 10, 15, or 20 levels above you, depending on your current level.

    Clearing strongholds will give you plenty of Renown, new towns and teleports to use and more. But if you complete a stronghold without bringing the final bell, you can actually reset them to repeat the stronghold and earn XP very efficiently due to strongholds having a lot of enemy density. You also mean that you can farm a lot of Diablo 4 Gold here.

    Just go back to the character creation menu after you beat the boss of a stronghold to instantly reset the dungeon, allowing you to go again and again and again.

    If you’re keen to get the most experience as possible and your build is up to the task, we recommend tackling strongholds that are five levels above your own and repeating them at least for two or three level gains. You should level up quickly and get plenty of decent gear.

    And if you’ve reached the stronghold’s intended level gap of plus two levels above yours, you can then find another stronghold that’s set to a higher level and start repeating that one next.

    General Tips For World Tier 3 & 4

    Two of the strongholds we recommend prioritizing the most, considering how dense their enemy locations are, is The Onyx Watchtower in the Dry Steppes with a level minimum of 20 and the Temple of Rot with a level minimum of 30.

    Once you hit World Tier 3 and 4, this method is no longer particularly efficient as the game introduces other high difficulty activities for you to tackle.

    While this guide was originally made to include some tips for the post game leveling guide through World tiers 3 and 4, the game is in a constant state of flux at the moment with patches drastically changing leveling experience every few days. This means that whatever we publish for this purpose is likely to be made obsolete in a matter of hours. We can give you a couple of general tips, though, so you’re not completely in the dark.

    A general rule of thumb is to try and clear Nightmare Dungeons at a high difficulty level that still allows you to finish them quickly for an efficient leveling loop.

    Increasing their level too much will lead to slower dungeon clears, which is worse for efficient leveling. So, try to increase it to a point where you can still breeze through them.

    Helltides are also good for resource gathering, enemy dense, Overworld activities, and targeted loot grinding.

    Change Things Up If You’re Bored

    Running the same dungeons and strongholds over and over and over can get a bit old. So, we do recommend changing up your routine if you find yourself getting bored.

    Once you’re past level 50, Helltides are great for earning loot in the Overworld and completing at least one Cull The Wicked event will reward you with a grand cache of Diablo 4 Items and resources.

    Fields of Hatred and Legion Events also pit you against stronger enemies, so your XP gains will be increased for these activities, too. Spice up your routine if you’re getting bored, because at the end of the day, Diablo is a game about having fun.

  • Diablo 4: The Fastest Way To Farm Renown In Season 1

    Posted: Jul 25, 2023

    One of the most tedious things in Diablo 4 obviously is farming Renown. It’s a huge pain in the butt, but it’s kind of a necessary evil. Because you want the Skill Points and the Paragon Points. You have to do it.

    But a lot of people go at Renown farming the completely wrong way and it actually makes it a lot harder and more frustrating than it has to be. Don’t worry. I’m here to help you out.

    Group Play

    The first way is going to revolve around Group Play.

    I do understand that some people like to play solo or they don’t really have any friends that play this game. But it doesn’t require you to actually communicate with the people that you’re playing with. You just have to be in a group with them.

    So, what you can do is drop a comment down below saying that you’re looking for a group. Or, if enough people are interested, I will definitely start a Discord server that is dedicated to help people find groups to play with. But this does require a group to do it. And it is best with 4 players, but 2 works perfectly fine as well.

    Once you’re in that group, you are just going to choose an area of the map that each person is going to farm. One person goes to Hawezar. One person goes to Scosglen. One person goes to Fractured Peaks. One person goes to Kehjistan. Then, you are just going to go into a dungeon and run that dungeon till completion.

    With the latest patch, Blizzard just released a huge buff to the way that Renown works with the different dungeons. They buff the Renown reward from 30 to 40. So, you are able to get a lot more renowned from completing these dungeons. If have a decently fast build, you can not only complete these dungeons very efficiently but also get a lot of Diablo 4 Items.

    But the best part is they didn’t actually take away the fact that if you’re in a party with somebody as they complete a dungeon, you get the rewards from it as well.

    Also Read: Diablo 4 Season 1 Patch 1.1.0a Update Notes! - All Fixes & Nerfs

    For example, somebody is across the map from you and you’re not even in the same dungeon as them. If they complete a dungeon, you get the Codex of Power from it. You get the Renown from it. And you didn’t have to do anything. You were farming your own dungeon. You were farming your own Renown.

    If you’re in a party of four people and you’re all just farming dungeons and you’re all extremely fast at it, you can blow through Renown and get to Renown five in a bunch of different areas extremely quickly. And if you had already revealed all the locations on your map and also gotten all the Altars of Lilith, that is going to transfer over to the new season.

    So, you’re already starting with a decent bit of renown. It’s not actually going to take you nearly as long to hit Renown 5 as long as you’re just grinding a little bit. And if you have a full group going at a very efficient speed, you can hit Renown 5 on every single part of the map in one day.

    What About Strongholds And Side Quests?

    Now, some people might be wondering that what about side quests and strongholds?

    I’m gonna cover strongholds first. Because strongholds are such a good way to get Renown. But you also want a complete stronghold as quickly as you possibly can because then you can start to do more Legion Events.

    And Legion Events are just great for leveling. There will be a lot of mobs in Legion Events. After killing them, you will also gain a lot of XP and Diablo 4 Gold. So, I highly recommend doing those. And you should do as many strongholds as you possibly can as quickly as you can.

    But you cannot do them in a group the same way that you can do the dungeon farming. The group has to be together in order to light the beacons. You can do a split farm where you all go a separate direction in a specific stronghold. And at the end, you all kind of gather up and light the beacon. But you can’t do separate strongholds because then you won’t be together to light the beacon afterwards and it just won’t work out the same way.

    So, if you’re in a group like this, you can do stronghold farming because it’s gonna be faster than just doing it solo. But it’s not going to be as good or efficient as dungeon farming, in my opinion.

    Next up, we have the side quest. Now, side quests also did receive a buff. In the latest patch, they now reward 30 Renown instead of 20 Renown.

    But side quests aren’t as efficient as dungeons. Some side quests take forever. They’re almost little mini campaigns. In the time it takes to do some certain side quests, you could have run two dungeons and then you’re getting more Renown from that, anyway. They’re just not as efficient as they should be, so I don’t recommend doing any side quests unless you need just a little tiny bit and you find a really fast one.

  • Diablo 4: The Best Route To Farm XP Early In Season 1! - Fastest 1-50 Solo Leveling Guide

    Posted: Jul 24, 2023

    Are you still playing Diablo after the patches, nerfs, and not-so-great developer Campfire Chat? Today, we're going to detail the best XP paths currently available in Diablo 4 and the best way to break down quick solo levels 1-50. There are also some tips on how we deal with speed bumps during early World Tier 3 and 4 upgrades.

    The goal of this method is to get you high mob density while killing elites. Also, maximize your experience points per run/hour.

    Next, let’s start digging deeper. You will start at World Tier 2 if your class or build is great. Here are 3 activities you need to focus on in order of importance:

    • Malignant Tunnels
    • Dungeons Marked by Tree of Whispers
    • Stronghold Reset

    Malignant Tunnels

    First, for Malignant Tunnels, the whole running process is relatively short, little back tracking. And it has high mob density, which makes our Diablo 4 Gold and XP farming efficient. You can ignore the extra rooms and paths, just complete Hit Tunnel and reset the dungeon on the map to complete the run.

    Also Read: How To Calculate Damage Increases In Diablo 4? - Damage & Defense Mechanics Explained

    So XP farming efficiency rankings for Malignant Tunnels are as follows:

    • Onyx Watchtower = 1.23M XP/hr
    • Dindai Hollow = 855k XP/hr
    • Ravening Pit = 710XP/hr
    • Bedeviled Grotto = 710k XP/hr
    • Boiling Wound (Fractured Peaks) = 574k XP/hr
    • Den of the Blighted (Hawezar) = 534K XP/hr
    • Fissure of Malice = 520k XP/hr

    Also note that in order to beat the boss and respawn, it is also worth slowing down XP farming speed appropriately.

    Dungeons Marked By Tree Of Whispers

    For Dungeons Marked by Tree of Whispers, you’ll collect additional Codex of Power that your character may not have unlocked yet. Plus, you’ll get Diablo 4 Items and experience point rewards from Tree of Whispers in return. Overall, this method is about 20% slower, but worth a shot if you’re looking for a change.

    Stronghold Reset

    At last, if you want to reset Stronghold, I suggest you do this best after completing Capstone Dungeons and transitioning to World Tier 3.

    Stronghold mobs will adapt to being 2 tiers above you, regardless of their baseline level in World Tier 3. It still gives you the 100% XP bonus of World Tier 3. The same is true when you transition to World Tier 4 and enjoy the 200% XP bonus and rank scaling.

    According to the comparison, we found that Onyx Watchtower Stronghold is the most efficient XP farming, it can farm 78.5 XP in 3.5 minutes. But if you want to keep things fresh instead of resetting the same quests, rotate the quests you want to complete. Temple of Rot is also another excellent reset option, and I’ll let you decide for yourself which things you like best to do from there.

    Nightmare Dungeons

    Once you can start doing Sacred and Ancestral Tiers Nightmare Dungeon, you’ll definitely prioritize those. Because they are the gold standard for World Tier 3 and 4 upgrades. Stronghold will help you break through the bottleneck, but the most important thing is still Nightmare Dungeons. Afterwards, I’ll continue with an updated ranking of Nightmare Dungeons from Diablo 4 Season 1 to make up the list of new dungeons we have access to right now.

    That’s all for the best routes to XP farming that I found early in Diablo 4 Season 1, and the best way to help us solo levels 1-50 fast. Hope this guide can help you complete the quick upgrade in Season 1 and have a better start.

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