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Diablo 4: Blizzard Needs To Fix This Season 1 New Massive Exploit As Soon As Possible

Posted: Aug 03, 2023

Season 1 in Diablo 4 just keeps getting a crazier and crazier the stuff just keeps happening, so I always promised you I would keep you in the know here on the things that I'm learning, behind the scenes or in the community or news or whatever's going on, I always said that I would do an article and keep you in the loop. 

Diablo 4

Wind In The Community

Basically what I'm catching wind in the community is that, there is supposedly a way to bring in Eternal characters, which are non-Seasonal, this would be an Eternal character. There's a way to bring these in to Seasonal mode, which obviously, I don't have to explain to you why that's going to create problems with bringing in like gold and Diablo 4 Items from a different character, that's not intended to play in the season. 

It goes both ways by the way. When I was being shown what's going on, I saw an Eternal character wearing a Malignant heart, which obviously is supposed to be exclusive to Season 1. You're not supposed to be able to have Eternal characters, wearing and using same Malignant Hearts and you're not supposed to be able to have Seasonal characters, that are interacting with Diablo 4 Gold from the Eternal Realm. All that they're supposed to be two completely separate things in terms of the Eternal Realm and Season 1 Malignant Realm. 

Diablo 4 Heart

Key Point Of Season 1

If you're new to RPGs or anything like that the whole point of seasons is to have everything get wiped. Everybody start from scratch it can be a good opportunity for people to come in and come back after a break, and feel like they're on equal footing with everybody, in terms of playing the game and trying to progress and be on leaderboards. All that the whole point of the seasons is to keep the non-Seasonal characters out of there, and completely reset everything with a fresh start

Diablo 4 New Character

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Don't Do This!

I kind of understand the gist of how the method works in Diablo 4, I'm not really going to talk about that in an article, because I don't want a bunch of people bringing in non-Seasonal characters into the season for obvious reasons. If you do find out how to do this I wouldn't recommend doing it. Because this is probably going to be something that Blizzard will consider taking action on players' accounts, if they're going to be bringing in in some of those non-Seasonal characters into the season, that's the type of thing that could get your account actioned negatively by Blizzard

Diablo 4 Season 1

So what I'm gonna do is forward the knowledge that I have about learning of this method to Blizzard and then I'm gonna keep you in the loop on what is going on, as we learn more and more about this. I'm going to play some Diablo 4 and I'm learning about this crazy method, where people are able to bring in non-Seasonal characters into the season and I will do everything I can to keep you in the know of what is going on with that. 

Thanks for your reading!


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