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Diablo 4: Barber Heart Ruined & More Loot And XP You Can Get After Patch 1.1.1!

Posted: Aug 03, 2023

Barber Heart finally get nerfed, but it's actually a good thing, also can the changes to dungeons and the bosses make the game more fun. Let me iterate and Necromance aspects are vastly changing to make some of the builds even better than ever.

Diablo 4

Barber Heart Changed!

What's happening to Barber Heart, fixed an issue where Barber malignant power would absorb damage from all other players and not just the players with it equipped. Remember doing a well boss and a dying a second with 200 million damage, this is a change that is not nerfing the power of the heart in your single playthrough. Even if you're playing with friends, but it's making it less annoying, because your friends has Barber and you stop seeing your own damage number suddenly, your lucky hits don't work anymore correctly, some of the builds just directly break.

It's just super annoying to also not see that big damage number yourself, because your friend applied Barber and you didn't. So the nerf here is actually a buff to overall game fun, because this is how Barber Heart should work, it shouldn't absorb the damage of your friends. But your damage should do millions damage in Season 1, you're supposed to have something completely op going on.

Diablo 4 Barber

Also as a heads up, if you actually have the Urn of Bargaining online, then it's not increasing the enchant cost for items anymore, so rejoice with your points in earn of bargaining get more Diablo 4 Gold straight away.

More Loot & XP

Now in general, Monster Density in Nightmare dungeon helltides will be updated straight away, so that means more elites in the dungeon. Which could make the dungeons more challenging? Because right now sometimes you have three or four leads in the whole first part of the dungeon and another three or four in the second and then the boss, and you get a super easy run.

Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1

Now with more elites, more XP, more item drops, more chance for uniques, but does that also mean more fun? Because it's going to be more challenging and I do think that will also lead to me enjoying a dungeon even more, if there's just more dudes that I can like more big packs, more challenging packs that I can take down. Especially depending on how good your build is, plus bosses at the end of the dungeon finally have more health up to 100% on level 100, not you level 100 boss level 100.

So bosses level 80 already have 50% more health, I don't think that's an issue, it's just gonna make a boss fight take a little longer not if you have Barber Heart though. That's quite nice, because the end of the dungeon boss should be taking time or should be a challenge, it should just like a normal lead in the dungeon.

Plus the most important thing, level 35 and higher boss monsters will now have a 100% chance to drop a legendary item. Treasure Goblins now have an increased legendary item drop chance from level 6 to 14, and 100% legendary drops starting at level 15. Legion Events are now rewarding a guaranteed legendary item starting at level 35.

That's a beautiful change, because from level 35 on to level 50, you can do many Legion Events in that time span, that's six guaranteed legendaries with a Treasure Goblin, with a level 35 monsters as you do Tree of Whisper stuff. You're just finally gonna actually be legendaried out, aspected out, you get more aspects in general, until you actually hit like level 60, 70, so you're more prepared for nightmare dungeons to jump into World tier 3, the jump into World tier 4, all will be better and more convenient.

Honest Real Talk About Season 1

Nightmare dungeons might be a little bit more fun, the challenge might go a little bit up, the XP goes also faster, because now there's more elites and Dungeons and there should be more minions and dungeons, so you should level up faster in general.

But if you don't enjoy this season and you like don't like the season mechanic, this is not changing anything for you if you didn't like Season 1 before you won't like Season 1 magically because of this patch 1.1.1, Sorcerer is going to get changed Barbarian is going to get changed there's quite some things happening.

For me I'm a very simple man, I just see the changes to Necromancer I can experiment even more with Necromancer try out different builds and they nerf the respawn cost.


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