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Diablo 4: Showcase And Explanation Of New 30 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List In Season 1

Posted: Jul 27, 2023

Posted: Jul 27, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Welcome to the new season leaderboard for Diablo 4 Nightmare dungeon. We have updated this tier list from the base game, as their 30 new dungeons are technically nothing new. But the 30 introduced dungeons make their way into Nightmare dungeon pool we’ll go through.

New 30 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List

After doing some testing, I found some pretty good Nightmare dungeons. Some of the pre-season Nightmare dungeons feel better.

In addition, I also set up a dungeon tier list mainly for glyph farming and speed running. I combined the two and got the main list that was best for both or overall. As you can see, blue are the best dungeons, light blue are good dungeons, green are ordinary dungeons, red are bad dungeons you want to stay away from that you don’t want to do.

Diablo 4: Season 1 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List


To get all the stats I need, I used my level 90 Whirlwind Barbarian Endgame build. Through these dungeon leveling, I finally reached level 92. So these XP difference shouldn’t be too big, it should be relatively accurate.

I logged our XP gain in Nightmare dungeon during that time. But unfortunately, I didn’t record the specific data. The way I keep track of Paragon Bar’s XP is for a section of the bar. So from the start to your first Paragon Point, that gives you an idea of what percentage fill the bar is.

Best Dungeon

Each dungeon also contains a list of monster types, as some monster types are much more difficult than others. For example, Ghosts are really annoying. I have a main list of the best, best clear time, and best XP farming dungeons in these two data categories. But in the main list, based on my data, I chose the five best dungeons, which are:

  • Mercy’s Reach
  • Uldur’s Cave
  • Nostrava Deepwood
  • Hoarfrost Demise
  • Sarat’s Lair

Diablo 4: Nightmare Dungeon Tier list for XP Farming

Because these dungeons have high mob density, and we can also use Whirlwind Barbarian’s high clearing speed to help us clear the screen faster. This also means that our Diablo 4 Gold and XP are also very efficient to farm. 

Different Nightmare Dungeon Tiers Explained

There are also light blue dungeons, they are also outstanding. I think they are very easy to remove. If you have Diablo 4 Items that can increase the clearing speed, it will definitely get twice the result with half the effort. But I still recommend that you run some of the easier and more rewarding dungeons first.

Just be aware that once you get to the green layer, it’s going downhill from there and it will take longer to clear the dungeon. The amount of XP you can get also gets worse if you go into a red tier dungeon. I would scrap these Nightmare Sigils and try to create more Sigils. That would be the best option.

You can also follow the other two lists if you want to spend time on glyph farming, or if you want to focus entirely on XP.

Diablo 4: Different Nightmare Dungeon Tiers Explained


With the launch of Malignant Hearts. Although these tier lists may change throughout the season depending on the strength of Malignant Hearts and how to acquire them. Some dungeons may be better suited for obtaining certain Malignant Hearts, or for growing Malignant Hearts.

Of course, this will be different for you depending on your class, your speed through levels, your bosses, and your level. Still, XP obtainable in the top-tier Nightmare dungeon is huge.

Finally, I hope you all had a pleasant Diablo 4 Season 1 experience. Hope this tier list helps you level up quickly and your in-game glyph upgrades will be easy even with the nerfs.


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