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Lost Ark: Brelshaza Gate 6 - Three Minutes Guide

Posted: Feb 17, 2023

Posted: Feb 17, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today we'll go over Brelshaza gate 6 in three minutes for battle items, time stop potion, potions and grenade between darkness and whirlwind. Let's get into it.

220) Tornado

At 220, tornado Phatasm fantasy buff is given to seven random players. Buff gets your race if you get hit by the tornado, so dodge tornadoes and destroy the yellow black marble if you get inside another dimension.

Lost Ark Brelshaza Gate 6

212) 1st Shape Dimension

At 212, first ship dimension. Stand in the middle of line behind the boss to easily dodge attacks. Of course, if you want to kill boss easily, you can use Lost Ark Gold to get good weapons and equipment to imrove yourself. Write down the chat about the shape you see on your screen. Soon, the boss shows safe floors for three times. Run to safe floors for three times.

At first and third run, you need to click the opposite side because of phantasm confusion debuff. Then write a chat again about your shape and numbers that indicate the order of safe floors. As the boss appears in the middle, you can see one specific shape when you get close to the boss. If it's yours, scroll your chat again to let people know the order of safe floors. Together, head to safe floors for three times again.

188) 8 Meteors

At 188, 8 meteors. Cut scene comes out and everyone gathers at floor 12. Number 1 with yellow meteor at floor 12 edge, number 2 and number 3 at floor 12. Number 4, 5, 6 at floor 11. Number seven and eight at floor one. Quickly get out as soon as meteor mark disappears. Soon floor 11,12 and one will crumble. 

From now on, blue meteors appear per one minute and total of four yellow meteors appear as a main pattern. Just like Kakul Saydon bingo pattern, you must know how to handle your upcoming meteors per one minute because game's over when over four floors are gone.

I'll show you the summary of the most common method people use in KR.

The most common method Lost Ark players use in KR

138) Yellow Meteors

At 138, yellow meteor. After watching floor 11, 12 and one, resurrect after 1 minute and 40 seconds, aim the yellow meteor at floor 6 edge and quickly get out.

113) Worship

At 113, worship pattern. After a blue meteors, move on to worship pattern, Q1 number x3, P2 number x3+1. If you see a bunker on your floor, you are team outside. No bunker? You are team inside. Outside players eat two yellow marbles and get close to the bunker when it shivers. 

Then find the clones that are different. If screen turns orange and clone turns around, ping the floor. Find total of four different clones.

Inside players a two yellow marbles and gets dragged inside. Head to the floor with ping. Counterattack or stagger the clone to get shield of light. You got it? Mechanic solved.

88) Yellow Meteor

At 88, yellow meteor. Probably a floor 12 edge. 

62) Tornado

At 62, tornado pattern again. At 38, a yellow meteor and floor six edge. 

28) 2nd Shape Dimension

At 28, second shape dimension. Use Inanna to get rid of phantasm confusion debuff and run to save floors. Write your shape and order of safe floors to solve it. 

25) Fall Off

At 25, fall off. Floor 3, 6, 9 and 12 crumble. You can fall off the stage, so be careful. That's end of gate 6.


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