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Lost Ark: Bot Ban Wave Is Coming Next Week

Posted: Jun 16, 2022

Posted: Jun 16, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Earlier today, the Lost Ark dev team released their regular weekly update, which will reward players struggling with long-time queuing issues. After four-hour server maintenance on June 16 at 12 AM PST, a new login channel will also be opened. Although this is indeed an appropriate compensation measure, we cannot ignore the problems reflected behind it.

It's really frustrating when players land in a game with long queues. To investigate the reason for this phenomenon, we have to focus on the long-standing robot problem of Lost Ark.

Just recently, Asmongold, the most popular MMO streamer on Twitch, also mentioned and analyzed this problem live, he showed us the number of active players of Lost Ark through the Steam icon database, and we can clearly see that almost Every server is facing the problem of too many bot accounts, which causes players to wait a long time to queue to enter. Asmongold commented: "It's a huge problem."

In fact, Smilegate have been making moves all the time, it's just that this issue is indeed trickier than we thought. In response to this pain point, they will introduce a broader and larger ban on new robots next week. Players will see a greater change in the number of live online users over the next week, and entering the game will no longer have to face excessively long lines.

If a player is unfortunately mistakenly identified as a bot account by the official, the player can appeal to the support team to return to Arkesia.

It's largely a fact that bots are taking over Lost Ark, and the Bot problem will require ongoing action. I believe that this Bot Ban Wave can effectively improve the game experience for players. In the meantime, if you want an even bigger boost in Lost Ark, is providing you with Lost Ark Gold for sale, and you can also get more latest news here to take the lead in Arkesia.


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