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Last Epoch: This Rive Void Knight Build Is Perfect For Low Budget Gamers

Posted: Mar 12, 2024

Today, I’m excited to present a powerful build of Last Epoch - Rive Void Knight. I embarked on this journey with a Void Knight and soon discovered its exceptional potential. Throughout this guide, we’ll delve into its intricacies, exploring the skills, passives, gear, blessings, and idols that make it shine.

Last Epoch: This Rive Void Knight Build Is Perfect For Low Budget Gamers

Gear Setup

  • Amulet: Bleeding Heart
  • Helmet: Leonine Greathelm
  • Body Armour: Apocalypse Plate
  • Belt: Spidersilk Sash
  • Boots: Citadel Boots
  • Gloves: Plated Gauntlets
  • Ring: Ivory Ring
  • Weapons: Doom Star & Katana
  • Relic: Code of the Erase Sentinel

This build doesn't actually have the necessary gear fixed. So you can choose the appropriate gear according to your own number of Last Epoch Gold.

Skills & Specializations

Rive: This is our main damage dealer, and what you want to actually take first is you want to go down and you want to grab these nodes first. Focused Strike is going to make it where Rive always crits. You never have to worry about crit chance with this build because the third swing of Rive is going to be a guaranteed crit.

This is an Echo Rive build, which means you’re going to get bonus damage, multiplicative damage to your Echo, and you want the boost to your Echo chance. You’re going to get multiplicative damage as well, and you’re going to get to kill threshold.

Lunge: This is going to be your movement skill. This is going to give you an additional charge. You also want to go heavily into Warrior’s Renewal so that your charge or your cooldown is lowered. You’re going to get a health potion. Basically, every time you Lunge, you’re going to restore some of your missing health, and you’re going to take physical penetration.

Healing Hands: The first thing you want to take is Cleric's Hammer. This will give your Rive 100% proc of Healing Hand, and then you want to take Seraph Blade. So you can get Fire Damage as a melee attack, and then once you have all of this, you’re left with a couple of points. You get some upfront healing every time you trigger Healing Hands, which is every single swing.

Last Epoch Seraph Blade

Volatile Reversal: This singular skill will take you back in time to restore life if you took a big hit. It will boost your attack speed, it’ll boost your movement speed, it’ll help you with repositioning, and enemies will take 30% more damage. It’s absolutely outstanding. You just got to practice it and get good with it, and there’s no right or wrong way to take this skill.

Void Knight: We are not a Paladin, so we have a fifth skill, and I have gone back into sigils since we don’t have Holy Aura. I try to automate it a bit through Last Wish, where you will trigger some sigils without having to click it. We’re just taking a boost to damage.

We’re taking global melee damage. We treat it as an instant cast, and then we get the extra sigil and add time to it, so it’s just a little stat boost. At the training dummy, when we do Echo, we use Rive to do 250,000 damage.

Passive Skills

Moving over to the passives, starting in the base tree. We’re just taking some melee physical, some strength, damage reduction, cooldown with life, and then we are dual-wielding. We are taking Void Corruption, which gives us one point, a crit multiplier for every point in this tree. By taking World Eater, we can increased some leech rate.

We’re taking Woe boost to our melee and armor on melee kill. We’re getting a boost to our overall life, and then the tree is the most important. So this is going to give you a 20% Echo chance, and then this last note is going to give you a 30%.

When you combine that inside your Rive treat, you’re literally going to be echoing all the time, and we’re taking Void Flux, which is going to help you if you’re about to die every 30 seconds.

We then come over to Paladin. Take Conviction and boosting our attunement. It just gives us a bit of resistance, but ultimately, you need 15 points into this tree to unlock sigils. You can use the last 3 points however you want and place them where you want, but I recommend placing them under Weapon Mastery.

Idols & Blessings

There are the 2 Idols you want - Ornate Solar Idol and Stout Lagonian Idol. You can gain crit strike multiplier for Rive, and a chance to shred armor on hit. Then you can take Humble Etreran Idol for life, life armor, and health, and then take some resistances that we need.

Last Epoch Ornate Solar Idol

When it comes to blessings, we need crit multiplier, lightning resistance, all resistance, physical shred, and armor. So we can get Grand Emptiness of Ash, Grand Bastin of Divinity, Grand Resolve of Humanity, Grand Fury of the North and Grand Body of Obsidian. We put a lot of emphasis on armor, and when you're in combat, the armor is actually much higher. This is absolutely a very tanky build.


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