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Last Epoch: Follow These Valuable Strategies For A Smoother Gaming Experience

Posted: Mar 21, 2024

Posted: Mar 21, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Check out these 9 strategies designed to optimize your journey in Last Epoch! Last Epoch offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. Take the time to explore its features and immerse yourself in its world.

Whether you're a newcomer to the game or simply seeking to expand your knowledge, delve into this guide and uncover valuable insights of its engaging gameplay and depth. Remember to invest in Last Epoch Gold to fully enjoy the game!

Last Epoch: Follow These Valuable Strategies For A Smoother Gaming Experience

1. Enable Health Bars

Let's start with the first tip: enabling health bars. Make sure to activate health bars for both yourself and your enemies. This simple adjustment allows you to easily track your own health status and that of your adversaries, significantly boosting your chances of survival during gameplay.

2. Utilize Runes Of Removal

If you happen upon an item boasting desirable suffixes that you'd like to transfer to another item, employ the use of Runes of Removal. These handy tools allow you to safely extract the desired suffixes from the original item, converting them into versatile shards that can be applied to different gear.

If you find yourself falling short of your forging potential during this process, don’t worry! A simple solution exists: utilize a Rune of Shattering to dismantle the item and retrieve any remaining shards.

3. Leverage Glyphs Of Hope

When it comes to upgrading or crafting gear, it's essential to integrate Glyphs of Hope into your process. These glyphs play a pivotal role in preserving forging potential, while concurrently enhancing multiple modifiers. An example scenario involves increasing poison resistance to Level 5 at no additional cost, demonstrating the efficiency of utilizing Glyph of Hope in gear enhancement efforts.

4. Be Cautious With Glyphs Of Chaos

Exercise caution when employing Glyphs of Chaos to modify items, particularly noting that Tier 5 affixes are immutable. It's crucial to bear in mind that these glyphs not only change affixes but also upgrade them concurrently. Therefore, it's prudent to carefully consider the potential consequences to prevent getting trapped with undesirable modifiers.

5. Prioritize Monolith Blessings

As you advance towards the endgame, make it a priority to acquire blessings from the Monoliths completion situated on the right side of the map. These blessings provide invaluable defensive or offensive enhancements like cold resistance or life bonuses, greatly bolstering your character's prowess.

Last Epoch Monoliths completion

Conversely, the left side Monoliths completion primarily caters to item acquisition and drop rates, offering supplementary benefits that are advantageous but should be considered secondary in importance.

6. Utilize Quest Rewards

Maximize your gaming progress by utilizing the quest reward feature accessible through the map interface. By reviewing these rewards, you can strategically prioritize quests that offer valuable benefits such as passive point bonuses and idol slot unlocks. Should lore or quest completion be of secondary importance to you, consider bypassing quests with less desirable rewards to accelerate your progression towards endgame content.

7. Use External Resources

To locate the items you need, access the dedicated website and proceed to the designated items section. Explore the various categories available to refine your search, whether you're seeking powerful swords or other types of equipment. By targeting specific items through this streamlined approach, you can enhance and optimize your overall gameplay experience to suit your preferences and playstyle.

8. Equip Holy Aura Passive

For Paladin enthusiasts, it's imperative to ensure the Holy Aura passive is not just acquired but also actively equipped within a designated skill slot to fully harness its benefits. Even though it's categorized as a passive ability, Holy Aura necessitates direct activation within the skill slot to exert its influence and bolster your character's capabilities effectively.

9. Leverage Lenses For Prophecies

Circle of Fortune players can benefit from using lenses. If you want to find a specific item prophecy or you want to do a specific content prophecy, then use lenses. Original lenses are effective at changing item types, while larger lenses can alter the content of prophecies. Use them strategically to customize your Prophecy rewards according to your preferences.


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