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Last Epoch: Maximize The Potential Of Wraithlord Necromancer - Endgame Build Guide

Posted: Mar 22, 2024

Prepare for an exciting new guide on crafting the WraithLord Necromancer in the Last Epoch. This guide will be unveiling thrilling combos and sharing the tricks you can not miss, all aimed at unleashing staggering amounts of damage with the Necromancer. Without wasting time, let's just dive in!

Last Epoch: Maximize The Potential Of Wraithlord Necromancer - Endgame Build Guide

Gear Setup

Relic: In our setup, a significant highlight arises from a particular relic - Ambitions of an Erased Acolyte, especially when the corruption level surpasses 2,000. This Relic, being a waiver item, cannot be directly crafted onto, but upon granting waiver status, its stats come into play.

Helmet: When selecting gear, our focus will be on the helmet called Wraithlord's Harbour, which emphasizes intelligence, critical avoidance, and increased health, while also boosting the levels of the WraithLord. Following a specific guide, having plus 4 ranks to Wraithlord is considered acceptable.

Comparing intelligence and Wraithlord, both offer similar stats, but prioritizing intelligence provides a slight edge in warding retention. With close to 1,200 warding retention, we can enhance survivability. While intelligence contributes to direct minion damage and skill levels, making it ideal for offense, opting for more defense may favor intelligence for increased ward retention.

Gloves: Moving on to the gloves, they enable us to stack uncapped cold resistance. The Frostbite Shackles may be familiar, often appearing in a variety of styles, especially Marksman's gloves. For optimal performance, aiming for tier 7 or at least tier 5 versions is crucial when crafting these gloves.

Belt: A standout feature of the build is the Jungle Queen’s belt, which offers up to 16 potion slots and the ability to summon zombies while consuming potions. To optimize efficiency, I suggest limiting the number of zombies summoned. Ideally, one should refrain from exceeding tier 4 for the Summon Zombies effect, ensuring that only 3 zombies are summoned with each potion use.

Last Epoch Jungle Queen’s belt

Boots: Similarly, our Last Steps of the Living boots play a vital role in granting additional warding based on missing health. Of utmost importance is the experimental affix, particularly for acquiring the minions teleportation spell. This traversal spell, facilitated by the experimental effect attached to the boots, is indispensable for the setup.

Weapon: Our weapon called Reach of the Graves serves to enhance the spell damage of our minions while also boosting casting speed, thereby amplifying overall damage output. You can also reserve some Last Epoch Gold to obtain better gear and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Idols & Blessings

Now, briefly going through the idols and blessings. Half of the idols we choose are Stout Lagonian Idols with cold resistance and also increased health, while the other idol are opted to go for Large Immortal Idols with increased health and also health percentage together with more ward retention and also increased health. It also went for 1 idol for the chance to apply for Marked for Death, which will increase our minion’s narcotic damage.

In terms of the blessings, we’re going quite defensive with the Grand Echo of Solarum for increased void resistance, Grand Survival of Might for increased critical strike avoidance, Grand Body of Obsidian for increasing armor, and also Grand Resolve of Grael for increasing physical resistance together with Grand Grace of Water for additional ward decay threshold and also posing usage. You’ll be getting more warding and also more threshold.

Skill Rotations

When it comes to skill rotations, a key strategy is to accumulate a significant amount of warding before entering a dungeon. This ensures higher survivability, as warding is continuously replenished by defeating monsters along the way. Utilizing gloves that grant warding upon monster kills further bolsters this approach.

Last Epoch Wraithlord Necromancer Skill Rotations

The rotation is straightforward: teleporting around while buffing the Wraithlord with both Infernal Shade and Dread Shade. The latter is particularly crucial as it provides a 100% critical chance.

During combat encounters, we can consistently use potions to summon zombies, capitalizing on the damage boost. This method not only buffs his minions but also enhances overall damage output, especially in endgame scenarios.

When facing bosses, strategically summons the Wraithlord directly at the boss spawn location, simultaneously using potions to summon zombies and boost damage output before the boss even appears. This approach maximizes damage potential, allowing for a more efficient defeat of the boss.

However, it's essential to exercise caution with minion summoning post-boss spawn, as the Wraithlord may prioritize consuming minions over dealing damage. To optimize damage output, it's best to focus on dealing damage while the boss is present, rather than summoning additional minions after its arrival.


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