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How to Get Trinite in PSO2 New Genesis?

Posted: Jun 15, 2021

Posted: Jun 15, 2021

Source:  IGGM

If you are planning on enhancing and Limit Breaking your weapons in PSO2 New Genesis you will need to gather a lot of materials like Trinite and the rest of its cousins, Dualomite and Monotite respectively. Every mineral is mostly found in a specific area of the map, which makes it easy when you need to farm them. They are also easy to distinguish, as they are attached to rocky nodes and have bright colors. Trinite in particular is mostly teal-like with yellow-ish highlights, and kind of resembles an egg. Even if you are not able to see it from a distance, just head towards anything that shines and you should be good to go. For more info as to where exactly you can find some Trinite, take a look below.

PSO2 New Genesis: How to get Trinite

Your destination is going to be for the most part, North Aelio. As you can see from the highlighted areas in the picture above, North Aelio is full of places with lots of Trinite nodes, so simply going around within the radius of the specified areas, will earn you a good amount of the specific material.

In contrast to most Monotite nodes, Trinite doesn’t necessarily spawn in rocky spots and you can find it all over the place, even in open areas. Additionally, they are often accompanied with Photon Quartz nodes that are also in abundance in North Aelio, hitting two birds with one stone. You can combine your farming route with gathering some Quartz as well, resulting to some great farming sessions.

You can find Trinite in more areas than North Aelio in PSO2 New Genesis, however that sector will be your go-to in the beginning. As it is also easily accessible with lots of Ryuker devices to teleport to, there isn’t really any reason to not to. If however you are not willing to do that as well, you can always trade N-Grinders for Trinite, through the respective NPC in Central City. It is not a suggested method, as N-Grinders are equally important, but if you don’t mind, it is an alternative way indeed.

(PSO2) Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is available on PC and Xbox. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here. What's more, you can buy safe and cheap PSO2 New Genesis Meseta from us!


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