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Honkai Star Rail: Is Nameless Honor Worth Buying?

Posted: May 19, 2023

Is the Nameless Honor worth your $9.99? In fact, Nameless Honor refers to the Battle Pass we are familiar with.

If you played Genshin Impact, you can expect a similar assortment of item that can help you make progress a bit easier from experienced items to limited gocha pulls. 

Honkai Star Rail Is Nameless Honor Worth Buying?

Battle Pass Review 

Just as a quick overview of the Battle Pass, I will explain how it works for people who might have never played Genshin Impact.

First off, the Battle Pass in this game, like many other games, runs off a level system where you do certain missions to level up your Battle Pass. 

To unlock the Battle Pass, you will first be required to hit Trailblaze level 15. The duration is based on a 45-day season. So, even if you unlock it a week or two after, you will only have until the season is over to finish it. 

Our Battle Pass will max out at level 50. We have three major ways to level it, which are daily missions. These are super easy. You will probably finish most of these doing your normal dailies. 

Weekly missions are a bit harder than dailies but not too complex where you have to break your back. Period missions are generally the hardest and will last throughout the whole duration of the Battle Pass. Also, it can be updated during events. So, always be sure to check it when we get new in-game events.

Since the point of this article is to see if this is worth your money, you probably already understand there is a paid version of rewards. However, there are also free rewards as well, but on a smaller scale. You can also purchase Nameless Honor levels for 150 Stellar Jades, but under 99% of situations. Please never do this. 

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Battle Pass Contents

Now that we got that out of the way, back to the main topic of the article which is figuring out if it’s worth or not. On your screen, you should see all the items that you can acquire from the Battle Pass if you were to get the max level. If you feel you cannot max out the Battle Pass, it’s automatically not worth purchasing.

In terms of leveling items and credits, it’s pretty decent getting more than enough to get a character plus a Light Cone to level 80, not including additional materials required. This alone wouldn’t be nearly enough to make it worth. So, let’s keep going down. 

Next, we have 6 fuel, which is equal to 360 Trailblaze Power, which is six Refreshes. It’s pretty decent depending on how you do it. It’s either as low as 300 Stellar Jades or as high as 475, but still not enough to call it worth it.

Honkai Star Rail Battle Pass

Next up, we have 200 Relic Remains. This is something whose value is hard to judge, but let me explain what it is first. In this game, 5-Star gear that is not upgraded can be salvaged into items called Relic Remains. You get 10 per Salvage 5 Star. If you think the process is too complicated but you want to have 5-Star weapons, then you can choose to get Honkai Star Rail Accounts with various 5-Star weapons directly .

Relic Remains can then be used to craft any piece of farmable gear in game at the cost of 100 pieces. So, you are looking at two potential pieces and combined with another item that is unlocked in their free battle pass. It’s not too bad. It’s a decent reward when combined with everything else, but not $9.99 worthy.

I don’t fully understand the value of the next item since I ended the beta with around 12 left and that’s the Tracks Of Destiny. These items seem to be limited only used upon unlocking special ability and traces. But I am not too sure if this is supposed to be something equivalent to Crowns of Insight in Genshin Impact, since I was not able to push my traces that high.

If so, this is a hard sell and makes it worth at least until the point you are able to max out your main eight units. Otherwise, it’s not worth getting the Battle Pass for, so give it two to three weeks as we should be getting close to level 60 by then if you’re looking to purchase for this item alone.

Now, we have an item I have not the best understanding of what it actually gives you, which is the Gifts of the Pathstriders. If I had to assume, it allows you to select ascension materials since it would be the only material really worth a damn here. Also, matches the color since we have a blue grade and purple grade here. Regardless of what material it gives, I don’t believe any of them would sell it alone personally, so it’s just icing on the cake.

We are on to the last two major sellers of this pass to see if it’s worth. First off, we have 4-Star Rail Special Passes and 680 Stellar Jades. Four passes are equal to roughly 640 Stellar Jades, pushing it to a nice 1320, which is almost a 1o pull. It’s certainly worth it if you plan to purchase any currency in a game as this is the best deal for that.

Honkai Star Rail Warm Nights Won’t Last

Lastly, we have the main seller for this Battle Pass, which is the exclusive 4-Star Light Cones. Some of these are actually pretty cool, such as “Warm Nights Won’t Last”, which is used for Abundance and fixes some of the issues I have with healers in Full Auto in this game. 

One of these issues which is that they tend to only heal in dire situations. This Light Cone will allow them to heal more often, which will surely save some runs. 

It’s worth it to purchase if you are already planning to spend money on the game. It will be the best value for rolling banners as long as you are an active player. Free-to-Play players should stick to being free to play since it’s not really worth breaking that glorious status and letting everyone know since most of these items outside of the Tracks Of Destiny don’t really catch my eyes and that’s only if it’s a crown like item.


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