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Honkai Star Rail: Top 5 Best Simulated Universe Blessings!

Posted: May 19, 2023

Today, I will share with you what I consider being the top 5 Simulated Universe Blessings in Honkai Star Rail. Whichever you choose, these buffs will help you a lot. Consider adopting them if you spot them during your run. The criteria I choose are based on how helpful the buff is in the tougher boss fights. 

Blessings Of Preservation

Let’s start with number 5, 1-Star Blessings of Preservation. This buff will give your characters a shield each time we hit them, which absorbs damage equal to 18% of HP lost from that attack.

This Blessing will help you against bosses like Cocolia and Gepard that have multiple attacks and do 2 or 3 actions on their turn. The shield value is based on damage taken, so it works with any combo and will greatly increase your survivability.

Honkai Star Rail: Top 5 Best Simulated Universe Blessings

Ejecting The Borisin

Now let’s talk about number 4 on this list, 2-Star Hunt Blessing, Ejecting The Borisin. This buff boosts one of your character’s actions every 6 turns, essentially getting a free attack or ability to use. This Blessing will help you a lot against any boss.

Especially when you need to break through the weak point, it is really important to turn around freely. It’s just a passive buff that triggers automatically, so the longer the fight, the more value you get from it.

Disciplinary Flicker

It’s time for number 3 on this list, 2-Star Blessings of Destruction, Disciplinary Flicker. If your HP is below 35%, this buff will heal your character a considerable amount each time we hit it.

This Blessing alone is a lifesaver and will most of the time allow your character to survive the nasty AoE attacks from Cocolia or Svarog bosses. Another standalone passive buff that applies automatically, worth upgrading for extra healing.

Honkai Star Rail: Simulated Universe Blessings and Paths guide

Celestial Annihilation

And now number two on this list, 3-Star Hunt Blessing, Celestial Annihilation. Whenever Toughness weakness is broken, this buff will boost your character’s actions and boost their damage.

I know it’s a 3-Star Blessing, but if you manage to get it, it will help you a lot with any run. The extra move every time you break Toughness is insane for bosses like Cocolia and Svarog, who constantly summon mobs. Again, this is probably the hardest buff to get on the list, but his value is insane on any run you manage to get it.

Night Beyond Pyre

Now the top 1 buff on this list: 2-Star Blessings of Nihility, Night Beyond Pyre. This buff will increase your vulnerability to enemy Toughness attacks and breakthrough efficiency by 30%. This Blessing alone will make your attacks a breeze. You can’t even imagine how baffling it would be to make all the boss fights less challenging.

Upgrading this buff will increase your Weakpoint Break efficiency by another 15%, making it even more shattering. If you see this buff while exploring, just take it. You won’t regret it.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Simulated Universe Blessings

Honorable Mentions

Then there are some excellent Blessings that didn’t make the top 5. Includes 2-Star Abundance Blessing Clear Lucite Body, which reduces damage taken when health is full, great for saving path strategies.

1-Star Destruction Blessing Reflection, which causes one of your characters to take damage once per fight. 1-Star Abundance Blessing Seal heals your character every time a weakness is broken, any extra healing can really help.

Also, 2-Star Hunt Blessing Monster Expelling Rainbow, which gives your character some extra healing every time an enemy is defeated.

The above are all Simulated Universe Blessings that I want to recommend today. I hope it helps you in your exploration of a Simulated Universe! Of course, you can also choose some new Honkai: Star Rail Accounts to give you a different character experience. May this journey lead us to the stars.


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