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Honkai Star Rail: How To Create The Best Jing Yuan? - Relics, Teams & Light Cones

Posted: May 22, 2023

Jing Yuan is finally here, and here I’m showing his best team and Light Cones in Eidolon 0 and giving you a guide on how to build Jing Yuan.

Skills And Techs For Best Playstyle

Before I explain how he works, there are a few things you still need to know about him. My Jing Yuan is level 70, and to show off his F2P potential, I’m going to use Seriousness of Breakfast Light Cone.

It’s fully stackable and you can get all copies from Forgotten Hall. Additionally, his Traces are upgraded to level 5 for basic attacks and level 7 for skills and ultimates.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Jing Yuan Farming Guide

Now, he has the exact same base attack damage multiplier, just like every other character. He can only do low damage and generate 20 energy, the only use of which is to create skill points. But in this case, you probably wouldn’t use it because you want to activate his ability every turn.

Speaking of which, his skills deal low damage to all enemies, generate 30 energy, and increase Lightning Lord’s hit by 2 per action. Honestly, this skill is a bit disappointing against a single target because the damage won’t be that high, but the importance of this skill is that it builds Lightning Lord stacks.

Jing Yuan summons Lightning Lord at the start of the fight, and as you can see on the turning track, he can act on his own. Lightning Lord will always have 3 Hit Counts, which means he will deal 3 damage. But when using Jing Yuan skill, it can increase 2 hits, and when using the ultimate move, it can increase 3 hits.

As each hit counts, Lightning Lord’s SPD increases by 10%, allowing him to act faster. But here comes the tricky part. You always want to make sure Jing Yuan uses his ult before Lightning Lord, so he can get 3 extra stacks and increase his damage.

Finally, Jing Yuan’s skill allows him to increase Lightning Lord’s hit count by 3 at the start of the battle. So this is a great way to start the fight, but keep in mind that after Lightning Lord’s turn is over, his hit count resets back to the base value of 3.

Honkai Star Rail: Complete Jing Yuan Guide Build

Now another thing I want to quickly mention is that Jing Yuan has insane potential to break enemy weaknesses. While the normal attack does 1 destroyed unit, the skill also destroys 1 unit, but it will end up reducing 2 destroyed units to all enemies, which is amazing.

As far as his gear goes, he’s very powerful, although you have to understand that most of the damage comes from the Lightning Lord. Also note that if Jing Yuan is defeated or crowd controlled, Lord will disappear, so make sure to keep General healthy.

Jing Yuan Showcase F2P vs P2W Light Cone

So let’s start this damage reveal first with a fully stacked Seriousness of Breakfast Light Cone. His abilities do 3407 DMG to an enemy, and end up doing around 7700 damage. This damage accounts for a Band of Sizzling Thunder 4-set bonus. You also get up to 3 ATK stacks from Light Cone for a total of 24%, which is an enormous boost to damage.

However, you can only gain these stacks by defeating enemies. So after Jing Yuan or his Lightning Lord kills 3 enemies, it becomes fully powered up. So with all 3 stacks, his skills hit 3734 DMG and Ultimate hits about 8493 DMG, which results in about a 10% DMG increase.

Honkai Star Rail: Jing Yuan Showcase F2P Build

In general, with F2P Light Cone, I think his damage is pretty good. Although it won’t be as strong as Seele, Yanqing or Dan Heng, because they are all dedicated to killing bosses.

However, Jing Yuan gets a sizable damage boost when using his signature Light Cone. Against 3 targets, Before Dawn Light Cone does about 20% damage, and on a single target it does over 23%. This is an amazing damage boost.

But regardless, I think F2P Light Cone still packs a powerful punch, all things considered. As you can see here, the personal damage from Jing Yuan is a bit staggering, especially in AOE scene.

Jing Yuan Guide

Now for a quick guide on how to use Jing Yuan.

Best Relics

His best slot relic set is a Band of Sizzling Thunder 4-set. But considering we’re all still early in the game, a 2-piece set combining this and Musketeer set is a good choice. Or you can even go with a full Musketeer set.

Honkai Star Rail: Jing Yuan Best Relics & Teams


For stats, first focus on getting Speed Boots, which is very important to him. Since his speed is so low, he needs it to help him activate more often. Especially considering it would help him build more stacks for Lightning Lord.

However, it is also possible to skip Speed Boots and use ATK instead, as this will increase Lightning Lord’s damage. Moving to Planar Ornaments, Inert Salsotto can further increase his crit rate. But keep in mind that once you get him into the final boost, he gets a 22% crit from Traces.

Another magnificent set is Space Sealing Station for extra ATK. It’s in World 3, and there are 2 magnificent sets there. You can also choose Break Effect, but it has the lowest priority of all these options.

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Light Cones

Now, as you can see in the demo, I’m using Seriousness of Breakfast. But it’s an F2P option and there are better Light Cones out there.

For a 5-Star option, there’s no question that his signature Before Dawn is absolutely stunning. But you can also choose Night on the Milky Way, which is a kind of F2P. You can get it from that Starlight Exchange shop. However, usually your choice of a 4-Star Light Cone is sufficient.

Honkai Star Rail: Jing Yuan Light Cones


In the end, if you want to build a strong team, it’s mostly about focusing on a hypercarry and building a team around them. So Jing Yuan needs a healer and a tank and a damage booster like Tingyun or Bronya.

You can also team up with Tingyun, Bronya, and a healer. But I can assure you that you won’t be able to survive Memory of Chaos without tanks, especially in the late stages.

Is Jing Yuan Worth Trying?

Clearly Jing Yuan is now the best AOE damage dealer in the game. And thanks to Lightning Lord, he can also deal with some baffling single target damage. But now the competition is quite fierce, because Seele and Yanqing are definitely the masters of Memory of Chaos.

But in general, I still like Jing Yuan. Hopefully, by the time I reach his final Ascension he’ll be even better. If you also like Jing Yuan, you might as well get a new Honkai: Star Rail Account to try this character out. It won’t let you down. Hope you have a pleasant game journey.


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