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Honkai Star Rail: How To Win The Greatest Victory With The Least Cost? - 5 Tips & Tricks

Posted: May 23, 2023

Honkai Star Rail is in full swing, and since the game is fairly new, today I’m going to show you some tips and tricks. If you can master these skills, you can cruise the game, especially in the ancient game.


Re-rolling is one of the best ways to get off to the best start in a gacha game. But in Honkai Star Rail, this process can become very painful, because a re-rolling takes up to 30-40 minutes.

But fortunately, with the help of BlueStacks Multi-Instance Manager, the processing time of re-rolling can be greatly reduced. Because you can use multiple accounts at the same time, if you want to access this function, you need to press CTRL+SHIFT+8, and Multi-Instance Panel will pop up.

Honkai Star Rail: Re-rolling guide

From here, you can create as many BlueStacks instances as you want by pressing the + Instance button in the lower left corner. With it, you can have as many instances as you want, re-rolling all of them at the same time until you get the hero you want!

Combat Tips

You need to build the character you get from scratch. This includes leveling up, Eidolon Insertions, and Light Cone Insertions. We can provide great tips about Light Cone and how to use it.

Light cones have a specific path associated with them, just like characters. When a character with Path of Destruction is paired with a Light Cone with Path of Destruction, it will significantly match and enhance its effect.

An important tip when fighting any boss in Honkai Star Rail is to check their elemental weaknesses. The boss’s Toughness bar can crash if you hit them with a character that has an elemental advantage over them. Enemies elemental weaknesses can be seen above their heads. It can be multiple elements or a single element, again depending on the difficulty of the stage.

Honkai Star Rail: 5 Tips to Win

Upgrade Your Heroes

You need to make sure you keep upgrading your heroes as you progress. Not only do you get copies of the relevant characters, but you also unlock their Eidolons. It’s one of the best ways to guarantee strength and build capacity.

A strong tip is that if you encounter a powerful enemy and are barely able to defeat them, chances are your hero is injured and low on HP. Make sure to retreat for a while and heal them with HP before starting another match.

Honkai Star Rail: Gain Trailblazer Levels

Gain Trailblazer Levels

Note that Trailblazer levels are set on a premise that the main story missions are locked behind your current Trailblazer level or player level for ease of use. This is also at the overall level of your account.

Raising this level can help you unlock more main story missions and increase your character’s level cap. Sadly, it’s not easy to gain more experience faster. But you can through Daily Training, Companion and Adventure Missions, and Open-World Exploration, you can gain experience and speed up the process.

Honkai Star Rail: Tips & Tricks For New Players

Understanding The Roles

Just like there are different classes in a MMORPG, all characters in Honkai Star Rail have different paths. No one path can be called the best because each of them does something different.

At the global launch of Honkai Star Rail, there are 7 different paths, each with a different focus, such as Healing, Tanking, Assassination, Support, DPS, and more. You can think of them as characters you can play in battle.

I strongly recommended that you can play Honkai Star Rail on a larger PC screen, which will give you a better visual experience. Plus, you can get some new Honkai Star Rail Accounts to try out a new character and find the one that best suits your playstyle.


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