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Honkai Star Rail: How To Create The Best Serval Build?

Posted: May 27, 2023

I’m here today to bring you the first class Serval Build Guide. I’ll be covering her Traces, Talent, Technique, Eidolons, recommended Light Cones, Relics and Team Compositions here. For this guide, she will reach level 60 and boost 4 levels.


Roaring Thunderclap is Serval’s normal attack. It deals with lightning damage equal to her attack amount. Lightning Flash is her explosive attack. It will deal a certain attack amount of lightning damage to a single enemy. But it will also hit people near the enemy.

Additionally, she has a base chance of 80% to inflict up to 2 turns of inflicting Shock on enemies. Enemies affected by an inflicted Shock take lightning damage over time.

The interesting thing about her skills is that the damage over time is proportional to Trace levels. Therefore, the higher the skill level, the greater the damage.

Honkai Star Rail: Serval Build Guide

The only downside I would say is. Her abilities can only hit 3 enemies in total, so if you’re fighting more than 3 enemies. You’ll have to use your skills again to apply shock effects to others.

Mechanical Fever is her ultimate ability, an all-around AOE attack. It deals with lightning damage to all enemies. Those who have already been hit. We extend the effect for another 2 turns. This also has great synergy with her Talent.

Speaking of her Talent. Galvanic Chords can deal extra lightning damage to all Shock’s enemies after she attacks. For skill upgrade priorities, my suggested order is: Ultimate, Skill, Talent and lastly Basic Attack.

Good Night, Belobog is her Technique. Immediately after entering combat, she deals lightning damage equal to her attack on random enemies. And she has a 100% base chance to Shock all enemies for 3 turns.

On top of that, they also take 50% of her attack as Lightning Damage at the start of each turnover time. This means you don’t have to use your skills right away, so you can save a skill point or points in the meantime.


So, from my playtime and overall use of Serval, her Eidolons are pretty good. I’m going to skip her E3 and E5 as they only increase her skill level, respectively.

Honkai Star Rail: Eidolons

E1: Echo Chamber. This is her basic attack, which deals with a second damage equal to 60% of her basic attack damage to nearby enemies. It saves you skill points since you don’t have to use her skills as often.

E2: Encore. This will only give her 4 recharges when her Talent is triggered. With accumulated energy regen over time, you’ll build her Ultimate faster.

E4: Make Some Noise! Her current Ultimate can 100% apply shock to those currently unaffected.

E6: This Song Rocks to Heaven! She deals 30% more damage to affected enemies.

Light Cones

Serval belongs to Erudition Path. As far as Light Cones are concerned at launch, there are quite a few options.

For 5-Stars Light Cones, I recommend Before Dawn. This will increase her crit damage as well as her skills and last damage. You also get Somnus Corpus effect after using her Ultimate and Skill.

They will consume Somnus Corpus when you make subsequent attacks. In my opinion, this is the best position for her, mainly because you’ll be building a Serval with a crit chance. So she takes full advantage of crit damage.

Honkai Star Rail: All Light Cones and Abilities

Another 5-Stars Light Cones is Night on the Milky Way. This will increase her attack against every enemy on the field.

For 4-Stars Light Cones, I recommend The Seriousness of Breakfast. It increases her overall damage, and it increases her attack for each enemy defeated, up to 3 stacks. It will boost the perfect combination of overall damage and attack power.


As far as Relics goes, the set I recommend for her is a Band of Sizzling Thunder. This increases her Lightning Damage by 10%. When using her skill, it will increase her attack power by 20% for 1 turn. It works well with Serval since you’ll be using her abilities as a lot. Plus, lightning damage is across the board on all attacks.

Honkai Star Rail: Relics Sets

Brief Team Composition Explanation

Serval is interesting in terms of team composition. For F2P, I recommend Natasha, Asta, Serval, and Dan Heng. You can also swap out M7 for a Fire Trailblazer if you prefer.

The reason I chose Asta is that she provides a huge speed boost to Serval. Except for a really nice attack buff. For other lineups, it depends on who you get from Summons.

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I think Serval fits well into a lot of team combinations. She deals massive AOE damage over time. As I always say. Play with whom you want, in the way you want.

Honkai Star Rail: Serval Brief Team Composition Guide

Final Thoughts

Serval is good at what she does, though lacking in a single purpose. But I still have many positives for her that outweigh the negatives. So should you upgrade her? Personally, I’d say yes, especially if you need a super solid lightning character.

If you also like Serval and want to create this build, you might as well get a new Honkai Star Rail Account. I believe this will give you a different gaming experience. Finally, I hope you enjoy the game.


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