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Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Guide To Boulder Town Super League Event

Posted: May 29, 2023

The first Honkai Star Rail event is finally here, so it’s time to get some Gems too. Finding Gems is actually a very interesting task. You can find it directly from Travel Log and it will teleport you to where you need to go.

You may have just completed a Quest version of this quest. There are five weight classes. Of these, everyone gives 20 gems, and we can get another 100 gems for each task here.

Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Guide


The first weight class is Featherweight. You want to choose something to break the weakness. You can choose a support, as long as Jing Yuan grabs them. Whatever happens, you really don’t need a tank to deal with this.

You just need to break their weak point and destroy them as soon as possible. Each weight class has four rounds. I don’t believe that power flows between rounds, so just use your ultimate as quickly as possible so you can focus fire on the user’s weak points.

In the first weight class, you don’t have to worry too much about getting hurt. Just get them all down. Round four is going to be a semi-official fight, so you want to make sure you pay attention to that. You don’t have to worry about saving energy between rounds, these are just spam. Even if all your attacks fail, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Be aware that each weight class gets progressively harder.

Honkai Star Rail: Featherweight


We are finally on this Lightweight. It will focus on single-target attacks. We get extra crit chance for this. Then we’re going to pick some individual targets here. They offer some Hooks. I recommend grabbing her. She’ll be perfect for this single-target attack that always crits.

You still need to keep an eye on their weaknesses. For this game, that’s a big deal. You need to know that breaking weaknesses depends on where you are in the game.

But in Lightweight, as long as you pick a single target and weakness, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. After four rounds, you’ll get them again, just like getting some easy Gems. You can use some characters that you may not have used before, and these characters are available for free trial.

Honkai Star Rail: Lightweight


Then, we get Serval support. Serval’s ult is outstanding, so I highly recommend getting a new Honkai Star Rail Account to try it out. While this is a bit baffling, I need to emphasize again that you only need to send your ult when using Serval. You don’t need a tank, you just need to use the right elements.

I suggest that you can focus on the big guy on the left. He is a stronger boss. Once he knocks down the big man, his minions disappear as well. So just get them down and take on the annoying boss right here and you’ll be victorious.

Honkai Star Rail: Welterweight


Coming to Middleweight, the quests here revolve around shields. Therefore, you will need shields. You can choose a supportive Gepard, but Fire Trailblazer will be your best choice. He’ll have decent weaknesses, but you’ll be hard-pressed to get him across the board since you don’t need that many shields.

You can use Gepard, they provide a kind of support. Use them whenever you can beat them. As I suggested, they will no longer be able to hit you, and your path to victory will be fixed.

Honkai Star Rail: Middleweight

Heavy weight

This one is probably the weight class most players will have problems with. You can use Himeko as a support. She’s actually pretty good in this setup, even though she’s not the best character in the game. I recommend doing this for the first time without a healer.

Take that Fire Trailblazer, as she can help with some defenses. Of course, you’ll have to add another healer, which will make your adventure foolproof.

Honkai Star Rail: Heavy weight

That’s pretty much what I think is my complete guide to challenge Boulder Town Super League event. Among them, I received a total of 600 Gems, and we can continue to collect other things in the meantime. So I think this activity is still worth trying. Come and try it out!


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