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Honkai Star Rail: The Secret Behind Jarilo VI! - Lore & Paths

Posted: May 25, 2023

Honkai Star Rail features a plethora of lovable characters, interesting combat, and stunning visuals. We can easily play through the game simply by following the story presented before our eyes.

But if we dig a little deeper, we can start to really appreciate the amazing connections between the missions, as well as the depth of symbolism, and even the dark secrets that the game’s future may loom. It all started with our first destination: the frozen world of Jarilo-VI.

Honkai Star Rail: Jarilo VI

Secrets Of Aeons

Throughout our journey through Jarilo-VI and Belobog City, we are constantly reminded of human hardship, struggle, and survival. Now, we can simply think of this as a common storyline in any game or anime.

But what makes Honkai Star Rail so unique in the way, it’s presented is that this plot line ties directly into Path of Preservation and its associated Aeon and Qlipoth. One legend describes Qlipoth foreseeing a cataclysm that would destroy the galaxy. So they built a barrier to protect the living world.

Though, we can’t really verify how accurate this is. But interestingly, as this Stellaron first arrived at Jarilo-VI, it was seen as a sign of disaster. This led to the construction of the wall we see today under the leadership of Architect Alisa Rand.

Of course, she also later became Belobog’s first Supreme Guardian. What makes this so interesting is that the history behind Qlipoth is reflected in the overall story of Jarilo VI. If this pattern continues in the storytelling of Honkai Star Rail in future portions of the game, we’ll get a real taste of how intricate the story can be.

If we understand the meaning behind Paths and Aeons, we can guess how the story will end. This got me really excited because I wanted to see how everything in the game ties together.

Honkai Star Rail: Secrets Of Aeons

Jarilo VI’s Preservation

Therefore, for hundreds of years after the opening of Eternal Freeze, the existence of human beings has always been marked by Path of Preservation. But after Stellaron’s voice manipulates Cocolia. She ultimately wants to rebuild the entire world by destroying what she swore to protect. Eventually leading to a rift between Overworld and Underworld.

So, on the surface, we can see Overworld as a prosperous city. Stay warm even in the rigors of eternal freezing. But in contrast to this beautiful appearance, Underworld is full of hardships and struggles.

The only order was created by Wildfire organization directly under Seele. It wasn’t until Bronya Rand turned against Cocolia that there was a sense of preservation in Jarilo-VI’s world. But Bronya Rand has nothing to do with Path of Preservation.

Honkai Star Rail: Jarilo VI Full Quest

Theory On Character Paths

Of all the characters currently in the game, we have two characters on Path of Preservation, March 7th and Gepard. Out of curiosity, I took a close look at their ideology and skill traits.

Not long after, I noticed something strange. Both March 7th and Gepard have a strong sense of “Preserving the moment.” We often see March taking pictures to preserve her memory. For Gepard, it’s clear that protecting the livelihoods of the citizens of Belobog is his priority, and it’s his sense of duty.

But people have kept this secret for hundreds of years. The truth behind Eternal Freeze and Stellaron that fell on Jarilo-VI, we will uncover throughout the story. Also, it mirrors both characters, March 7th and Gepard, whose existence or their minds they always attached to some kind of secret.

Honkai Star Rail: What Are Character Paths?

Ambiguity Of Qlipoth

Now, going a step further, there’s something vague and questionable about Qlipoth. IPC also happens to be a faction of Path of Preservation and seems to be keeping an enormous secret behind the origin and truth of Qlipoth.

So much so that even Hertha has basically given up trying to understand Qlipoth’s existence. Is there some deep secret hidden behind Path of Preservation? Obviously, it’s impossible to know just yet, since the game is so new.

But if there’s one thing I can say for sure, I can’t wait to continue my journey through Honkai Star Rail story and uncover the secrets of the game’s future. If you want to try it too, you might as well get some suitable Honkai Star Rail Accounts to experience, hurry up and join in!


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