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Honkai Star Rail: How To Creat The Best Herta Build? - A Complete Guide

Posted: May 31, 2023

Here’s a guide to Puppet Herta, one of the most sought after characters in Honkai Star Rail. She may not be the strongest, but for those eager to use her. I’ll cover her Stats, Abilities, Eidolons, then her best Relics and Light Cones, and finally her Team Compositions.

Herta is a free character from a Simulated Universe. You can also get 3 of her Eidolons for free through game mode. She is a 4-Star Ice character following Erudition path, the path of AoE damage specialist.

Stats & Comparisons

Her base stats at level 80 are 952 health, 582 attack and 396 defense. She has a Speed of 100 and a Power Cost of 110. As an Erudition character, she has a Taunt Value of 75. This makes her one of the lowest health characters in the game, as well as one of the lowest defenses.

Her base attack is below average. Her 100 speed stat puts her at an average speed in the game. The energy cost of the 110, while good, is lower than most characters.

Honkai Star Rail: Herta Build Guide


She deals a standard amount of Ice damage to a single enemy. This will inflict 30 Toughness damage, restore 1 skill point, and restore 20 energy.

Basic Attack

Her skill is One-Time Offer. If the enemy’s health is above 50%, she deals with 20% more damage to them. On a single target DPS or higher multiplier, this is usually powerful.


Her ultimate is It’s Magic, which deals with massive Ice damage to all enemies. This will inflict 60 Toughness damage and refund 5 Energy to all enemies.

Honkai Star Rail: Herta Abilities

Signature Talent: Kuru Kuru

Now for her Talent, which is what she’s known and really loved in her gameplay.

When an enemy’s health drops below 50%, Herta will launch a follow-up attack. This follow-up attack will deal a small Ice damage to all enemies and 15 Toughness damage. Each subsequent attack restores 5 energy.


Her last Technique is It Can Still Be Optimized. After use, Herta’s attack power will be increased by 40% at the beginning of the battle, lasting for 3 rounds. This is the same as Dan Heng’s skill, very strong and can be superimposed with other skills.


Now to her Eidolons. The first three are available for free, so we can consider them part of her base kit. Her first Eidolon will cause her base skills to deal 40% of her attack damage as bonus damage to enemies below half health. I’m guessing it’s good for saving skill points on the enemies you’re executing.

Whenever her Talent is triggered, her second Eidolon will give her a 3% Critical Chance stack, up to 5 times. This effect requires many enemy deaths to trigger its maximum stack count.

Honkai Star Rail: Eidolons

Her free third Eidolon will give her skills an enormous boost, but not as much as you’d hope. Herta’s fourth Eidolon will increase her talent damage by 10%. That’s a fairly small buff considering it’s already low damage.

After using her ultimate, her final Eidolon grants her a 25% attack buff for 1 turn. I’m guessing this is used to grant her an attack buff for her follow-ups.

Best Relics

Her best set will be a Hunter of Glacial Forest set. After using her ultimate, her entire gear is greatly enhanced, just like her E6, but more powerful. You can also choose Musketeer set, or mix the two effects for a combined attack and Ice damage buff.

For her Planar Ornaments, her best suit is Inert Salsotto. But you can also go to Space Sealing Station. For the main stat, there is an option to either Crit Chance or Crit Damage body parts. Because of her free crit stat, she is more prone to crit damage later in the game.

Honkai Star Rail: Herta Best Light Cone & Relic

Best Light Cones

Herta’s best Light Cones would be Before Dawn, Today Is Another Peaceful Day, Seriousness of Breakfast, and Night on the Milky Way.

Team Compositions

March 7th will freeze and follow up with Herta, so it could be interesting in a Simulated Universe. This freeze only slightly enhances Herta’s ultimate.

Natasha was there for treatment. Dan Heng is there to take the team’s damage, cause Herta’s Talent to proc, and slow down enemies. Including Yanqing makes for a complete Frozen team.

Honkai Star Rail: Herta Best Team


Anyway, I hope this Herta guide can help you. If you also want to try Herta, you might as well get a new Honkai Star Rail Account to experience it. I believe this will give you a distinct surprise.


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