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Honkai Star Rail: How To Consume Stamina After Level 50 To Have A High Return Rate?

Posted: May 30, 2023

Today we’re going to have a quick discussion of Stamina efficiency in Honkai Star Rail. This guide will tell you how to consume Stamina every day to get the best return through the most accurate statistics. Include which activities to prioritize when upgrading to maximize your return on investment.

The way we came to this conclusion was simple, but it required a lot of testing and calculations. We did this by calculating the exact resource each person gets after spending 60 Stamina to get an idea of the percentage and damage difference. These activities include leveling up and ascending characters, Light Cones, upgrading Traces for ultimates, Skills and basic attacks, as well as Farming Relics.

Among them, the greater the percentage damage increase, the higher the priority. Also, if the reward for 60 Stamina consumption varies, like most game modes, we’ll use the average. To cut a long story short, I’m going to show you all the calculations of the benefits after using 60 Stamina.

Honkai Star Rail: How to spend Stamina after level 50 for the best return?


Obviously you should level up your character first as it gives the highest rewards, and it increases damage by 3.05%. But these upgrade materials become very expensive after level 50 and only provide a 1.39% return.

Then we still brush the promotion material first? The answer is yes, because the leveling experience requires more rounds of Stamina consumption, rather than a simple boost. As you can see on this graph of increasing stamina demands, you end up benefiting more from the 3.05% boost after balancing them.

Honkai Star Rail: Level 1-70 Stamina Cost Requirements

If we don’t include Farming Relics, it’s actually quite simple. According to the cost requirements table, to upgrade a full set of Gold Relics up to level 15, it would cost nearly 3k Stamina in total, which is more than double Stamina 1444 required for all 12 levels. This results in your being unable to farm anything else for a long time.

Now characters before level 50 can also easily get Gold Relics, but the Relics experience gained per round has actually been reduced.

Here’s a table showing the percentage return for upgrading a relic after level 50. We can easily see that you can prioritize farming the right Relics and upgrade them to level 9 whenever you want. Because it’s very rewarding and also leveling up to level 12 will be better than leveling up Light Cones or Basic Attacks. Finally, if you don’t have a spare Stamina, you just need to upgrade Relics to level 15.

Honkai Star Rail: Percent reward for upgrading Relics after level 50


All in all, this is the best order to spend Stamina after you reach account level 50. Assuming you don’t need to farm to get Credits, this is the best scenario for characters between level 60 and 70.

The thing you need to note is that you always level up your character first, then you can level up your skills in Traces or power up Light Cone before leveling up Ultimates.

After that, you should activate the percentage stat boosts in Traces, then start farming Relics and level them up to level 12. Because these activities generate very similar returns.

Keep in mind that the three least effective activities are farming Light Cone experience, upgrading basic attacks in Traces. Finally, upgrading Relics to level 15. As long as you save them until the end, you should be on the right track.

Honkai Star Rail: The Best Stamina Guide


That’s all for how you can get the most out of Stamina once you reach level 50 in Honkai Star Rail. You may ask, what about level 60? Although there is not yet enough data to confirm this, it makes sense to assume the same outcome.

If you are also interested, why not get a brand new Honkai Star Rail Account to try it out? Maybe you can find the best way to get the most out of Stamina.


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