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Honkai Star Rail: How To Create The Best Hook Build? - Full Guide

Posted: Jun 01, 2023

I’m here today to bring you my guide on Hooks. I will be reviewing her Traces, Talent, Technique, Eidolons, recommended Light Cones, Relics and Team Compositions.

For this guide, she will reach level 50 and advance to 4 levels. Mainly because Trailblaze resources are a bit limited after level 50. So I have to disperse them.

Honkai Star Rail: Hook Build Guide


Hehe! Don’t Get Burned! This is Hook’s basic attack. She will cause a certain amount of Fire damage to a single enemy.

Hey! Remember Hook? It’s her skill, and it’s pretty unique. It has 2 versions. The first is for a single target. She inflicts Fire damage on enemies and also applies Burn status effect to them for 2 turns. This will always be a 100% guarantee. People affected by burns experience some Fire damage over time.

The next part is her Blast version. Everything remains the same, only this time her attacks deal AOE damage to nearby enemies. What’s great about her abilities is that Hook’s ability damage scales with her Traces level over time. 

Boom! Here Comes the Fire! This is her Ultimate. Its only downside is that it has relatively high energy costs, so it’s on the high end.

Ha! Oil to the Flames! This is her Talent. When she attacks an enemy affected by Burn. She does additional Fire damage, but also restores 5 energy to help build her Ultimate faster.

Honkai Star Rail: Hook Traces

Ack! Look at This Mess! This is her Technique. After use and when entering combat, she attacks enemies immediately. and inflict Fire damage equal to 50% of her attack. On top of that, she also burns all enemies for 3 turns. Those affected by Burn take damage equal to 50% of Hook’s attack over time. So you can activate her talents early in the fight.

For skill upgrade priorities, I recommend Ultimate, Skill, Talent and lastly Basic Attack.


Hook’s skills are pretty good. And her Eidolons further increase her damage. I'm going to skip her E3 and E5 here as they are only aimed at increasing her skill levels.

E1: Early to Bed, Early to Rise. This adds 20% to the damage of her Enhanced Skills.

E2: Happy Tummy, Happy Body. This will increase the length of her burn application.

E4: It’s Okay to Not Know. When her Talent procs, it is 100% guaranteed to burn damage to enemies near the target it originally hit. It functions the same as her skill. You can also do AOE damage with her Talent proc.

E6: Always Ready to Punch and Kick. This allows her to deal 20% more damage to enemies already affected by Burn damage.

Honkai Star Rail: Hook Eidolons

Light Cones

Hook comes from Path of Destruction. And there are plenty of Light Cones available for this path.

For 5-Stars Light Cone, I recommend: On the Fall of an Aeon. When Hook attacks, her attack it increased power by up to 4x, the same goes for when you inflict weakness on enemies. It also increased her damage by 2 turns.

And Something Irreplaceable. When she gets hit or defeats an enemy, it instantly refills her HP. But also increases her damage until the end of her next turn. But you can only trigger it once per turn.

For 4-Stars Light Cone, I recommend Woof! Walk Time! It will increase her attack power and will increase her damage to burned or bleeding enemies. And it synergizes really well with Hooks over time.

Also, there is Nowhere to Run. This Light Cone will increase her attack power, and will also replenish her HP in time after defeating enemies.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Light Cones


So it’s pretty brief for Hook Relics. In my opinion, the best overall combos I recommend are: Firesmith of Lava-Forging and Musketeer of Wild Wheat. On top of your 12% increased attack power, you will gain a 10% increase in fire damage. This also makes it more accessible, as it only requires 2 of each.

However, if you want the complete 4-piece set, then I would recommend: Firesmith of Lava-Forging. You will gain a 10% increase in Fire Damage. But it also increases her skill damage by 12%. And when casting her Ultimate, her next attack deals 12% more Fire Damage.

Honkai Star Rail: Hook Build Best Light Cone & Relic

Brief Team Compositions

With Hook, she’s primarily a single target damage dealer that also provides damage over time. For F2P I recommend: Fire Trailblazer, Natasha, Serval, Hook. Or Natasha, Asta, Serval, Hook. For others, you can choose: Healer, De-Buffer, Buffer, Hook.

Honkai Star Rail: Hook Best Team Compositions

Final Thoughts

Hook is a really prominent character. She provides steady damage that scales with her Traces level. If you also like Hook, I suggest you get a suitable Honkai Star Rail Account and try it out. Maybe her effect will surprise you.


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