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EA FC 24: What New Changes In TOTS Warmup Event Are Worth Looking Forward To?

Posted: Apr 13, 2024

Posted: Apr 13, 2024

Source:  IGGM

As one of the biggest promotions in Ultimate Team, EA FC 24 TOTS has always attracted the attention of all players. With more teams predicted to be released for this event than ever before, players must make sure to prepare for the massive amount of content that will be released before officially entering.

It’s no secret that the best way to prepare for a big Ultimate Team promotion is to save your packs, and TOTS Warmup event provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Of course, it is also crucial to buy FC 24 coins and rebuild your own team.

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Since FIFA 22, there has been a Warmup event prior to the release of TOTY and TOTS promotions. The event allows Ultimate Team players to get their clubs in order ahead of the big upcoming promotion and prepare for content that will last for months to come.

In this guide, we’ll talk about everything we know so far about Warmup event and predictions and discussions for the upcoming TOTS squad.

EA FC 24: What New Changes In TOTS Warmup Event Are Worth Looking Forward To?

TOTS Warmup Event Release Date

EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup event launch date is Friday 12th April at 6pm (BST). We speculate that the event should last a week and end in time for Community TOTS squad to be released in the game on Friday, April 19th.

Content Update

The developers will not be releasing any promotional items or new special players as part of EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup event. So aside from TOTW, there won’t be any special items in Ultimate Team pack until other promotions like TOTS are in full swing.

Instead, TOTS Warmup event will focus more on helping players win packs and player picks. In this way, when TOTS arrives, players will have more opportunities to find the famous blue items.

In addition, as early as Warmup event of FIFA 23 TOTS, EA Sports released a series of SBCs and Objectives that players can complete obtaining packs and player picks in return.

Luckily, these TOTS-themed challenges are usually easy to complete, and your rewards will hopefully be better than usual. So please don’t miss them!

In this Warmup event, the daily login challenge will also return, and players will complete SBC every day to complete pack objectives. Plus, playing and winning can earn you even more rewards as TOTS-themed cups begin.

After getting all these rewards, you have two options: save these packs and look forward to getting a TOTS card when the promotion starts, or open these packs once you get them and build a new fodder for your club about TOTS SBC.

It’s worth noting that a TOTS leak revealed that TOTS Evolutions will also be launching during the sale, so we’ll be seeing some content released as part of TOTS Warmup. While we don’t know exactly what will be released, what we do know is that there will be some incredible rewards to earn that you should take advantage of.

Who Will Be The Best Choice For TOTS Squad?

Finally, let’s talk about the potential contenders for this year’s TOTS squad.

Based on England’s title race, we expect Premier League TOTS to include players from Man City, Arsenal, and Liverpool, and likely to be joined by a few other teams.

For Germany, it would be difficult not to include Bayer Leverkusen's starting eleven, as Xabi Alonso's side are still without defeat in 38 games. The same is true for Inter, as Nerazzurri is moving towards Scudetto’s goal.

Elsewhere, we expect a number of AC Milan players to be strong contenders for inclusion in TOTS squad. It will also be difficult for La Liga’s 11 players this season as Barcelona and Real Madrid perform as usual, and without Kylian Mbappé and some Paris SG players, there is no chance that they will make it to TOTS. But it has to be said that Girona’s magical performance will definitely be nominated.

That’s everything we know about this year’s EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup event and some predictions for the promotion. Come join us now!


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