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Fallout 76: Unlock Exciting Rewards By Obtaining These Special Items

Posted: May 18, 2024

Greeting fellow gamers! Here is a new guide of Fallout 76. Today, I have prepared several important items that can be vendor for amazing rewards. If you are interested in this content, just follow my step and take a closer look!

Fallout 76: Unlock Exciting Rewards By Obtaining These Special Items

US Government Supply Requisition

First thing we're going to talk about is the US Government Supply Requisition. You can find it under your holotapes menu in your Pip-Boy kit or in your stash. You usually obtain these off of enemies that you've killed in Fallout 76, usually the Ghouls. With this holotape, you can take it to any Relay Tower.

When you arrive at the Relay Tower, kill the enemies and jump onto the terminal that's inside. You're going to want to hit 'load holotape', selecting the US Government Supply Requisition, and then request an emergency air drop. Now, once you've done that, load up your map. You may also have to put the side quest for and get the supply drop.

Then, we're going to go to the Bolton Greens. Once you spawn in, you're going to go over to where it shows you on the compass, and within that area, you'll find an air drop. You might have to wait like 30 seconds for it to drop, but eventually it will drop. If you don't see it, look for the orange smoke. Once you get over to it, you might have to use a Bobby Pin if you don't have Master Infiltrator on, but you'll get some good stuff from there.

Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets

Next one we're going to talk about is the Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets. You're going to want to spawn in at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. Once you're here, you're going to make your way over to the front entrance that's close to Top of the World. Right here, you're going to want to go upstairs and then down 2 flights of stairs.

Now, once you're down here, there is a quest in order to be able to get through this doorway. It is called the Key to the Past, and you'll just have to complete that in order to gain access to this room. Once you're in here, you're going to want to talk to the bellhop there.

If you have Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets on you, they're under miscellaneous in your Pip-Boy kit. Even if you have multiple tickets on you, you'll have to give them one by one. You can have them all on your character at a time, but you'll have to keep clicking him until you're done giving him the tickets.

Technical Data

Next, let's discuss the Technical Data. You can find these in desks, safes, blue and orange cylindrical filing cabinets, AMS Corporate Headquarters, Sugar Grove, Watoga High School, and the Silo locations. You can usually find them in the Filing Cabinets at West Tek. You might need to complete a quest to access the basement, but you can also check upstairs in the West Tek, where you might find Technical Data.

Once you've collected the Technical Data, you'll receive the quest called 'Forbidden Knowledge'. Head to Fort Atlas to deliver the data to the Brotherhood of Steel scribe. If you have multiple pieces of Technical Data, it's best to deliver them one at a time.

If you give them all at once, it reduces your chances of getting rare rewards. I recommend going to a stash box, taking out one piece of Technical Data at a time, and delivering them individually. Although it takes some time, you can repeat this process for each piece of Technical Data you have.

Claim Tokens

Next, let's talk about Claim Tokens. If you've participated in the Load Bearing event, where you help robots stay alive while they dig up resources, you've likely gained some Claim Tokens. After completing the event, you also receive 10 additional tokens as part of the rewards, making it worthwhile to participate. During the event, you earn two tokens every few minutes as you keep the robots alive for the 4 to 5-minute duration.

Now, what do you do with those Claim Tokens? Head to the Terminal. If you have some tokens, you can exchange them for various hauls, such as the Jackpot Haul. From the Claim Tokens you get, you can receive a significant amount of scrap, ammo, and other valuable Fallout 76 Items.

Mr. Fuzzy Tokens

Lastly, let's talk about the Mr. Fuzzy Tokens. Head over to the Camden Park. By completing three daily quests involving carnival games, you can earn three Mr. Fuzzy Tokens for each game or quest you complete.

Chow Line: Participate in the hotdog eating contest. Some hotdogs are moldy, but if you eat 6 hotdogs within a minute, you'll earn 3 Mr. Fuzzy Tokens. It's very easy to do.

Dross Toss: Toggle this on your daily quests. Talk to Zach to start. Pick up the dross, which equips like a grenade, and try to throw it into the tires. If you miss, just keep throwing until you run out of drosses. Wait a few seconds for the event to complete and receive your tokens.

Lucky Mucker: Talk to Zeke and grab the coal bucket. Deposit the coal into 4 Wheelbarrows located around the Camden Park. After depositing the coal, return to Zeke for 3 more tokens.

Once you’ve completed all 3 quests, or if you already have some Mr. Fuzzy Tokens, head to The Company Store and use the terminal. Here, you can see what prizes you can afford with your tokens. The prizes range from minor items to the Mr. Fuzzy costume and the Mr. Fuzzy costume head, which may take a long time to obtain. But if you’re interested, it’s worth picking up.


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