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ESO: How To Get The Gaze Of Sithis Set?

Posted: Oct 09, 2021

Blackwood is the fifth chapter of the ESO story. It leads the player into the swamps that separate Cyrodiil and the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh. The storyline involves Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon's vicious plans for the world of Tamriel in ESO.

With the availability of new areas, Blackwood also introduced some new Mythic Items. One of them is the Gaze of Sithis, which is a heavy helmet that can provide interesting bonuses. Like other Mythic Items, it is not easy to find and requires you to use the Scrying and Excavation skill trees at once. IGGM will show you the specific steps.

Scrying for leads

Before looking for Gaze of Sithis, you need to unlock the Scrying and Excavation skill trees first. Once you have Greymoor and completed the introductory quest of the Antiquities system. You can get this content.

The Scrying skill allows you to use Leads to find the Antiquity fragments you are looking for. Only if you have the ability to Scry Master difficulty, can you find the fragments of Gaze of Siths. Leads are scattered in the Blackwood area.

* Glass Skeletal Visage: A random drop from all Bosses in the Blackwood Public Dungeon Zenithar's Abbey.

* Nisswo Sacramental Wraps: A random drop from all Bosses in the Blackwood Public Dungeon Forgotten Crypt.

* Pad-Sa Shark Teeth: A random drop from the Kwama Overseer Boss in Shadowfen's Onkobra Kwama Mine Delve.

* Ritual Circlet: A drop from Velidreth, the final boss of the Cradle of Shadows Dungeon in Shadowfen. This lead is a drop in both normal and veteran difficulty levels.

* Preserved Wraxu Feathers: This requires you to unlock the Rank 4 Shadowy Supplier passive skills in the Dark Brotherhood skill tree. You will be able to visit Remains-Silent, a special NPC found in Tamriel, in Outlaw’s Refuges. Every 20 hours, you can request supplies from Remains-Silent, so you have a chance to get this Lead.

Gaze of Sithis

Once you scryed a lead, you will receive an area to perform Excavation. Following the goal will allow you to dig 5 fragments of Gaze of Sithis, which will be assembled automatically.

Gaze of Siths can bring huge rewards to maximum health, health recovery and armor. It also reduces the block mitigation to 0, rendering the blocking pointless. Because of this, you need to think carefully before applying Gaze of Siths to your ESO build.

For more ESO Items, you can come to IGGM to purchase, including DLC or Mounts, as well as other items. In addition, if you need, you can also come directly to IGGM to buy ESO Gold, which can make you more smoothly through the various difficulties in the game.


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