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ESO: How To Craft A Sip Of Health?

Posted: Sep 24, 2021

ESO is a popular MMORPG, which makes sense. It not only has a huge player base, but also has a wealth of game content. In ESO, you can see many interesting locales, which bring enjoyment to players.

However, the vast world needs enough activities to make everything alive. Fortunately, in the game, you can not only fight, but also craft, homestead, and alchemy.

ESO: How To Craft A Sip Of Health


There are many potions for you to choose from, so you need to become familiar with the alchemy system as soon as possible. You can obtain alchemy certification, as well as crafting, enchanter, and provisioner certification from a dark elf NPC - Danel Telleno. You can find him in most Mages Guildhalls. Before contacting him, you need to check which type of crafting is best for your character class.

Danel asks you to make a Sip of Health, which is also the simplest healing potion in ESO. IGGM will introduce the relevant recipes.

A sip of Health Recipe

A sip of Health does not have a fixed recipe. It is not a recipe that can be crafted with only 3 very special ingredients. Although there are different effects, there are multiple ingredients to get the same item.

Each recipe needs two ingredients and a reagent, such as purified water or star dew. For Sip of Health, the reagent must be natural water, because anything else will cause a tincture or stronger, instead of a sip.

The simplest crafting version only requires natural water, columbine, and mountain flowers. You can find these ingredients in almost every zone, the only exception is that columbine is not grown in Coldharbour.

Other Sip of Health combos

The following two ingredients and natural water can create Sip of Health:

  • Blue Entoloma

  • Butterfly Wings

  • Columbine

  • Crimson Nirnroot

  • Luminous Russula

  • Mountain Flower

  • Water Hyacinth

However, there are always exceptions. Crimson nirnroot and water hyacinth will become a critical potion for spells. Before you start crafting, you should prepare more ingredients than needed to prevent accidents occur. As for more needs, you can come to IGGM to check, buy ESO Gold, or view the game guides, which are all available.

You can find almost all popular game currencies on the market on IGGM. It can be said that IGGM can bring players a better gaming experience, so if you encounter difficulties in the game, coming to IGGM will be the best choice.


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