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ESO: How To Check Server Status?

Posted: May 28, 2021

In Elder Scrolls Online, server status is an important factor for players to play the game. Poor server health means limited game time and quality. If you are an ESO veteran, then you may still remember the 2016 winter catastrophe. ZeniMax has learned from it and made some improvements, and we have not seen a repeat of that event.

How to check the server status?

First, you need to locate your specific server to check the health of the server. Like many other online role-playing games, ESO works off a small number of mega-servers corresponding to each available area in the world. They are North America (NA) and Europe (EU). These contents were then divided into PC/MAC community and console community. Players exist on these two servers based on phased help, so the spaces will not become too objectively cluttered.

Once you have determined which server you are on, the rest is easy. Bethesda has a support Twitter, which can update in real-time when they take the server down, when to perform maintenance and when to restart the server.

Another way to check is to visit the official ESO forum. Patches, hotfixes and planned maintenance procedures should appear at the top of the page in the form of a yellow banner, which is very conspicuous. You will also find that other players will discuss the server on these forums.

So it is necessary to check the server status frequently, which will ensure your gaming experience. In the case of good server status, it can also make your game process more smooth. In addition, more information about ESO can be found on IGGM.

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