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ESO: Details About 7 Crafting Professions

Posted: May 27, 2021

In ESO, you can get new gear through crafting. This article will detail 7 different crafting professions in ESO.

About Inspiration

Inspiration is equivalent to XP of crafting skills. You can obtain this skill by crafting your items or disassembling related items. Decomposing some heavy armors will give you inspiration for Blacksmithing, which will bring you closer to the next rank of Blacksmithing.

About Alchemy

Alchemists can make potions and poisons by mixing a solvent and different reagents. Solvents are different types of liquids, such as water, which can affect the strength of potions or poisons. The reagents are the various plants and other organics around Tamriel, they have different properties and effects.

How to level up fast?

There are many different common ingredients (Butterflies and torchbugs) in Tamriel. Collect as many simple ingredients as possible, and then start crafting poisons. You can use these two ingredients to make a poison that consumes vitality, and you will be able to easily get a lot of inspiration.

About Blacksmithing

It can craft melee weapons and heavy armor. For this, you need to collect and smelt a variety of different metal ores. There are 10 different types of ore in Tamriel. The Rubedite ore is the highest tier ore you can find. It is used to craft armor and weapons for the players at the championship point 160.

How to level up fast?

When you explore and complete quests, you will get a lot of metal weapons and heavy armor. You will get Blacksmithing inspiration when you deconstruct some items. In order to upgrade it quickly, you can find these common items and deconstruct them.

About Clothing

Clothiers focus on making light and medium armor, which is very useful for DPS characters or those who focus on stealth.

The materials used in light armor are Jute, Cotton, and various silks. The highest tier of material for light armor is Raw Ancestor Silk.

Medium armor needs different animal hides because these can be turned into leather and other types of materials. The highest tier of material is Rubedo Hide Scraps.

How to level up fast?

It is not common for you to need resources to craft light and medium armor, but with farming mobs, you will find the actual armor faster. So you need to spend time running dungeons and dark anchors to upgrade your character. When the battle is over, deconstruct the items you find to quickly upgrade your Clothing skill.

About Enchanting

Runes can be used to make Glyphs, which can later be used to enchant weapons and armor. Runes have one of three different properties: Potency, Aspect and Essence. Potency determines the level of gear that can be crafted glyph can enchant. Aspect defines the power of enchantment itself. Essence determines the type of enchantment that a glyph grants to a piece of gear.

How to level up fast?

Enchanting is one of the most difficult professions to upgrade. If you want to upgrade quickly, you need to spend a lot of ESO Gold. You can find different guild traders and buy Glyphs with gold.

About Jewelry Crafting

Jewel Crafting is only available for those who purchase Summerset expansion. You can create rings and necklaces. You will start crafting jewelry with Pewter Dust between levels 1 and 25, which you can use to make Pewter Ounce. When you reach Champion Point 160, you will find that most of the materials are Platinum Dust.

How to level up fast?

You should travel to a major city and buy as much jewelry as possible. Compared with armor and weapons, it drops less frequently as loot, so buying jewelry is the easiest option.


You will encounter animals in the game and they can be used for cooking. Before you start cooking, you need to find recipes: food and beverages. Food can boost your health, stamina or Magicka. Drinks can restore one of these core attributes faster.

How to level up fast?

You can buy the recipe from the local tavern.


Woodworking allows you to make bows, staffs and shields. Woodworkers started with Rough Maple, Rough Ruby Ash is the highest tier of wood.

How to level up fast?

You can quickly upgrade Woodworking by deconstructing items.

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