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  • ESO: Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Offers New Rewards And Loot

    Jul 16, 2021

    ZeniMax has announced ESO's Pan-Elsweyr celebration, which will be held on July 22, and you will have the opportunity to get new rewards, loot, and Event Tickets. The celebration will last until August 3 at 10 a.m. EDT.

    The Pan-Elsweyr celebration is about exploring the land of Khajiit. In the adventuring north and south of Elsweyr, you will get a variety of unique content, including bonus loot from World Bosses and double reward boxes for completing Daily Quests in the area.

    To join in, you need to get "A Visit to Elsweyr" for free from the Crown Store. You can also go directly to this area to trigger the event.

    Highlights of ESO’s Pan-Elsweyr Celebrations:

    * Earn Elsweyr Coffers after completing certain activities such as slaying Dragons; defeating Delve and World Bosses; opening Chests, Safeboxes, and Thieve Troves; claiming a Psijis Portal; harvesting Harvest Nodes; defeating bosses in the Sunspire Trial; opening Dragonguard Sanctum Supply Cache; Looting Monsters and other objects.

    * Crafting Materials

    * Elsweyr style items

    * Zone gear set items

    * Transmutation crystals

    * Motif chapter style pages from Elsweyr

    * Pages for new Ja’zennji Siir Style

    After completing the first Daily quest in the area, you will get a Glorious Elsweyr Coffer, which is guaranteed to have a Motif Chapter style page or a Jazennji Siir style page.

    In addition, you will find that all daily quests in this area have double reward boxes, increased loot drops from World Bosses, Delve Bosses and Dragons, and loot from Sunspire Trial.

    Every day, you can earn a ticket in the north and south of Elsweyr to complete a Daily Quest, which can then be used to purchase Ja'zennji Siir style pages and other items from Impresario - including the first opportunity to buy fragments needed to upgrade to the Unstable Morpholith into the new Dagonic Quasigriff mount.

    Once the event is released, IGGM will also pay attention to it, and will check some hot content to share with you, so subscribing to IGGM will let you keep up with current events.

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  • ESO: How To Check Server Status?

    May 28, 2021

    In Elder Scrolls Online, server status is an important factor for players to play the game. Poor server health means limited game time and quality. If you are an ESO veteran, then you may still remember the 2016 winter catastrophe. ZeniMax has learned from it and made some improvements, and we have not seen a repeat of that event.

    How to check the server status?

    First, you need to locate your specific server to check the health of the server. Like many other online role-playing games, ESO works off a small number of mega-servers corresponding to each available area in the world. They are North America (NA) and Europe (EU). These contents were then divided into PC/MAC community and console community. Players exist on these two servers based on phased help, so the spaces will not become too objectively cluttered.

    Once you have determined which server you are on, the rest is easy. Bethesda has a support Twitter, which can update in real-time when they take the server down, when to perform maintenance and when to restart the server.

    Another way to check is to visit the official ESO forum. Patches, hotfixes and planned maintenance procedures should appear at the top of the page in the form of a yellow banner, which is very conspicuous. You will also find that other players will discuss the server on these forums.

    So it is necessary to check the server status frequently, which will ensure your gaming experience. In the case of good server status, it can also make your game process more smooth. In addition, more information about ESO can be found on IGGM.

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  • ESO: Ayleid Crown Crates And New Gear Will Appear On March 18

    Mar 16, 2021

    ESO will bring Ayleid Crown Crates to Tamriel on March 18. In the magical containers, you will find collections inspired by the Elven race that once ruled Cyrodiil.

    Mystical mounts and more

    ZeniMax has announced this news, not only announcing Ayleid Crown Crates but also revealed related content, including three rare horses:

    Welkynd-Born Courser

    Culanda-Born Senche

    Varla-Born Wolf

    However, there is even more surprising news about these mounts. In this Crown Crate season, you can buy these three rare mounts with gems in the Crown Store in-game. This is the first time you have obtained a Crown Crate’s rarest items through gems. You can find them in the Radiant Apex subcategory in the Crown Crate section of the Crown Store.

    In addition to these mounts, you also find the Pale-Plume Fledgling Gryphon pet and Treethane’s Mosaic Jerkin costume. If you are interested in Ayleid Crown Crates, you can go to the ESO official forum for more details.

    2021 will be an important year for ESO, because Flames of Ambition recently embarked on a one-year adventure against Mehrunes Dagon. With the coming of June, the Blackwood Chapter will be officially released, and before then you will be able to enjoy the two new dungeons introduced in the latest DLC.

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  • ESO: To Avoid Biden Inauguration Clash, Gates Of Oblivion Will Be Delayed

    Jan 14, 2021

    In December of last year, ESO’s Gates of Oblivion DLC has already received much publicity. ZeniMax promised a one-year adventure with the upcoming DLC, so this also made fans very excited. But due to real-life events, ESO fans still need to wait for a while.

    It is officially announced that the release time of Gates of Oblivion will be postponed from the original January 21 (Thursday) to January 26 (Tuesday) at 5 PM EST/ 10 PM GMT. ZeniMax made this decision to avoid Biden Inauguration. And they also gave a specific reason: Given recent events, they decided to play it safe. Although ESO’s players are located all over the world, most of their staff work and live near the capital. The developer is located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, which is 60 miles from Washington, DC. Its parent company is located in Rockville, 17 miles from Washington.

    The "recent events" obviously refers to the riots in the U.S. Capitol, which resulted in 5 deaths, many injuries, and heavy property losses. The follow-up also caused a lot of aftermaths. Trump was accused of inciting the rebellion, and he was impeached for the second time during his tenure. So before January 20, the situation is very nervous. About 15,000 members of the National Guard have been deployed to the capital city, and they could use lethal weapons. The FBI has started to get down to more than 160 investigation cases and hundreds of people are expected to be arrested.

    ESO is not the only ZeniMax property that has encountered recent political turmoil. A participant in the US Capital riots was found to have a strange tattoo on his body, which is believed to be an Antifa logo. Harvey Smith, the co-creator of the series, exposed this conspiracy theory and linked this mark to his work. Therefore, at this special time, the developers believe that it is better to act carefully, and hope that the inauguration will go smoothly and that there will be no more violence.

    In short, everyone hopes to live in an era of peace, and it will eventually come. At that time, ESO fans can also concentrate on enjoying the fun that Gates of Oblivion brings to you. And IGGM will frequently update relevant news as well as game guides.

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