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ESO: How Can We Get The Ring Of The Wild Hunt?

Posted: Apr 20, 2021

In ESO, The Ring of the Wild Hunt is a powerful relic. It appeared in the Greymoor update and has always attracted the attention of fans. For players, navigating these new systems and finding The Ring of the Wild Hunt is not simple. To get The Ring of the Wild Hunt, you need to complete some steps first.

About The Ring of the Wild Hunt

It has two capabilities:

* Increase movement speed by 15% while in combat

* Increase movement speed by 45% outside of combat

When you wear this ring, you can defeat the enemies more easily. In addition to combat, your character can quickly traverse the scene and complete quests faster. With the correct settings, the player wearing this ring can even move faster than the player riding the mount.

Pieces & Skills needed

You need Scrying at level 7. There are some yellow pieces in the process of crafting the Ring of the Wild Hunt, so Scrying level 7 is required.

In order to craft this ring, you need to find five pieces:

* Band of Water

* Charm of the Shapeless

* Face of the Serpent

* Face of the Wolf Beast

* Symbol of Y’ffre

Once you get these 5 pieces, they will automatically combine to forge the Ring of the Wild Hunt.

Band of Water

It is located in Glenumbra. Once you get there, you will need to defeat the Public Dungeon Bosses located in Bad Man’s Hallow. You need to find:

* Bad Man

* Bloatgut

* Bloodcraw

* Giant Snake Mother

* Rutmange

* Skitterflame

Charm of the Shapeless

It has a lead inside Murkimire. To get it, you have two ways to find the lead:

* World Boss Baxilt-Gah At Bok-Xul.

* Delve Boss Shuxaltsei at Teeth of Sithis.

* Delve Boss Wuju-Ka Guardian at Tsofeer Cavern.

Kill any of the three bosses and you will get the lead.

Face of the Serpent

It is located in Grathwood. You can gain the lead by defeating enemies in Grathwood:

* Canonreeve Oraneth in Elden Hollow I

Although there are other bosses in this dungeon, only defeating Canonreeve Oraneth will count towards the lead.

Face of the Wolf Beast

It is located in Valenwood, you need to track any world boss to find lead:

* Thjormar the Drowned in Bitterpoint Strand

* Bone Grappler in Bone Grappler’s Nest

* Dugan the Red in Dugan’s Knoll

* Tallatta the Lustrous in Jagged Grotto

* Commander Faldethil in River Edge

* Skullbreaker in Windshriek Strand

After defeating any boss, you will gain the lead. You can track the dig site with Antiquarian’s eye in Malabal Tor.

Symbol of Y’ffre

It is located in Greensahde and you gain the lead after defeating one of the following world bosses:

* Gathongor the Mauler in Gathongor’s Mire

* Jahlasri in Maormer Camp

* Zymel Etitan in Pelda Tarn

* Meheelius in Reconnaissance Camp

* Heart of Rootwater in Rootwater Spring

When these bosses are defeated, you will get the lead. Once you get the last piece, they will automatically come together to forge the Ring of the Wild Hunt.

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