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ESO Blackwood: Who Is Mirri Elendis?

Posted: Apr 23, 2021

The ZeniMax Online Studios team has released some information about Mirri Elendis, one of the companions who will appear in Blackwood.

She is a young Dark Elf, and already quite famous in Mournhold. She hails from a minor Dark Elf family with a sketchy reputation. Her family is clearly known for recovering ancient relics related to Daedra and the Daedric Princes.

Her father was a businessman, and her mother was in the family business of finding and acquiring these relics. Mirri also respects Tribunal very much. Although she is still a little bit short of the orthodox we call it, she has a strong interest in the Anticipations and how they relate to the Living Gods.

Therefore, the search for relics related to the Anticipations for the Tribunal strengthened her position as a valuable consultant in all matters related to Daedra.

Mirri is just one of two companions planned to appear in Blackwood, and ESO will introduce two companions. So the upcoming Blackwood is still enough to make people look forward to.

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