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ESO: ZOS Investigating Inventory Bugs

Posted: Apr 27, 2021

ESO seems to be experiencing some inventory scrolling and selling problems. However, ZeniMax Online Studios seems to be aware of this problem.

The first problem seems to affect the sale of inventory items to NPC suppliers. When you sell an item to an NPC, it will not disappear from your inventory. If you keep clicking on it to sell, you may end up selling all of your inventory.

This seems to be a big problem, because several ESO fans also said that they are experiencing the same issues. Although ZOS has responded and stated that they are investigating this matter. However, this does not seem to be the only problem affecting inventory.

Another problem is that your backpack cannot be scrolled. The "sale" screen of the guild store does not allow scrolling, so you cannot list items without entering a name. Selling items to merchants do not remove them from the screen.

ZOS once again pointed out that due to player reports, they have been aware of these issues and launched an investigation. If you have encountered the above problems, please let ZeniMax know.

These problems occurred before the Blackwood release in June, so it is a good thing. The development team is trying to fix these problems to better welcome the arrival of new content. By then, players should be able to have a better gaming experience.

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