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Elden Ring's Tabletop RPG is in development

Posted: Jul 25, 2022

Posted: Jul 25, 2022

Source:  IGGM

As the sequel to the Souls game, Elden Ring will undoubtedly be one of the best-selling game candidates this year. Either way, Elden Ring is always captivating, depending on the complex gameplay and great storyline. So while it has achieved good commercial results, it has also derived a unique fan culture to leave its mark.

At this stage, players are all looking forward to the public release of the Elden Ring DLC. Although there have been leaks suggesting that Elden Ring DLC: Barbarians of the Badlands will meet us next year, and the more reliable news is that, according to, Kadokawa is developing a new tabletop roleplaying game with the theme of Elden Ring.

In recent years, the popularity of Tabletop Games has been on the rise. Elden Ring's Tabletop RPG was taken over by Katou Hironori, the designer of the Dark Souls tabletop game, and made Tabletop-style adaptations of the basic settings of Elden Ring, including various battle rules, battle strategies and mechanics of The Lands Between.

Because of the precedent of Dark Souls' translation errors, players are skeptical that a game as complex as Elden Ring can be successfully adapted. But with the previous example, publishers may pay more attention to this part of the review.

Overall, we can keep our hopes up for a Tabletop RPG version of Elden Ring, but the game will be released in Japan in early spring 2023 in an all-Japanese version. So that means western players need to wait for the translated version.

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