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Genshin Impact: We will see rainforests and deserts in Sumeru

Posted: Jul 26, 2022

Posted: Jul 26, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 can be called the most anticipated version by fans, as it is about to expand the entire game's elemental mechanics and maps to greatly improve the game's playability.

Regarding the most anticipated new region, Sumeru, Hoyoverse recently released a trailer detailing the area's landscaping and design inspiration. In the trailer, Sumeru is shown a diverse landscape, and we can experience the charm of both rainforest and desert. The developers emphasized local features, core themes and fantasy treatments during the design process. This variety of environment settings will give us more explorable content and a very good visual experience.

The first thing that catches the eye is the rainforest landscape of Sumeru, which has rolling hills, lush vegetation and all the characteristics of a humid region. Players can explore in more interactive ways and walk with the elves among the glowing plants.

In stark contrast to this entire green landscape, the Sumeru's desert landscape exudes a strong Egyptian flair. When players travel from the west side of the rainforest landscape, they can see this dusty field, which also includes wind-eroded rocks and huge idols. Most notably, there are also mysterious relics floating upside down and a spectacular tornado.

Interestingly, while the two landscapes of Sumeru are fundamentally different, upon digging deeper, we see what both areas have in common: they both have an identical-looking giant robot ruin, which is also a lot of secrets waiting for players to discover.

So far, the trailer has been viewed more than 2 million times, and players can't wait for Sumeru's arrival. The currently running version 2.8 is expected to end around August 21st, which means that we will usher in the arrival of Version 3.0 around this date.

IGGM will be your good partner on your Genshin Impact journey, and we'll keep you updated on each version. Meanwhile, if you want specific characters or in-game resources, you can also buy Genshin Impact Accounts here. We will bring you quality service.


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