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Elden Ring: A Player’s Unexpected Discovery In PVP

Posted: Mar 14, 2023

Posted: Mar 14, 2023

Source:  IGGM

There are always ways to punish the player in Elden Ring, whether it’s an unexpected enemy raid, or a powerful boss blocking the player’s adventure path, so that some Elden Ring veterans have to die hundreds of times to kill it.

Originally in PVP, the game has a lot of surprises. Each player’s different ideas can make this game punishment process an unexpected experience. Just like recently, an Elden Ring player dominated a PVP battle by transforming himself into a Living Furnace during an intense PVP battle.

Elden Ring is the same as most FromSoftware games. Shield Builds are a viable alternative to Weapon Builds. It usually includes special shields that enable some special game forms. Included Double Door Shields in Dark Souls 3

The developers only increased the number of special shields in Elden Ring. Whether it’s a shield like Jellyfish Shield that increases the player’s damage output to enemies during combat. Or a shield like Coiled Shield that hides a snake and attacks the enemy at a critical moment. 

Elden Ring PvP

There is also a very special shield called Visage Shield, which is a shield that shoots flames. It’s built in the exact same way as flame Chariots that players hate.

An Elden Ring player, Lord Texugo, came up with a clever strategy against his enemies using Visage Shield during PVP. Lord Texugo posted his playthrough on r/Eldenring to show other players how he used the tactic. 

This process lasted about 6 minutes and recorded scenes where Lord Texugo fought the invaders many times. Lord Texugo lures the intruders into a secluded area while guarding the exits. Lord Texugo uses Visage Shield to spit fire at enemies until they die screaming in agony. 

Lord Texugo cleverly uses the geographical advantage and Visage Shield’s skills to kill the opponent. In fact, this is very similar to the way another Elden Ring player used Caelid to defeat its opponent.

In this Elden Ring PVP battle, it is very important to use the environment cleverly to increase the winning rate of the battle. This is also the place that does not exceed the battle rules and makes the game more interesting. 

Elden Ring Visage Shield

Many players also said that Lord Texugo’s strategy is very clever. Not only is it fun to look at, but it’s also effective. Because in Elden Ring, some players don’t like confrontational character building, such as Dual-spear Builds.

But it is also because of these accidents that make PVP battles more interesting. With Shadow of the Erdtree expansion coming to Elden Ring, there are sure to be some new strategies for dealing with enemies in PVP, like Lord Texugo’s ingenious strategy. 

The imagination and creativity of different Elden Ring players also make PVP battles more interesting and become a new way for players to experience the game. Because Elden Ring players are always good at jumping out of the original box to find new ways to defeat the enemy.

If you also want to try it, don’t hesitate to join in. I believe your joining will make the game more interesting. You can help your Shield Builds advance by getting enough Elden Ring Runes. In addition, you can also use the code “CSCCA” to get a 5% discount. I hope you can enjoy the game.


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